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For random map generation, it is necessary to know the type of terrain, culture and population density the mission takes place. This place lists all different types that can occur.

The exact kind of terrain underlying a particular point on geoscape is determined via usage of a colormask. Each color value marks a particular type, listed below.

Terrain types

The mask for terrain types is defined in base/pics/geoscape/map_earth_terrain.png.
RGB 0, 0, 64 water Crashed ufos will disappear
RGB 128, 255, 255 arctic Rough ice-covered landscape; no vegetation; inhabitation impossible
RGB 255, 128, 0 desert Rough sand regions; infrequent vegetation; inhabitation unlikely
RGB 255, 0, 0 mountain Rough cliffy landscape; some vegetation; inhabitation unlikely
RGB 128, 128, 255 tropical Warm, moistly woods, maybe rivers; lots of vegetation; inhabitation likely
RGB 128, 255, 0 grass plane fields, some streets; good amount of vegetation; inhabitation likely
RGB 128, 0, 128 wasted volcano, atomic test fields
RGB 0, 0, 255 cold cold regions

Culture types

The mask for culture types is defined in base/pics/geoscape/map_earth_culture.png.
RGB 0, 0, 64 water
RGB 128, 255, 255 western
RGB 255, 128, 0 eastern
RGB 255, 0, 0 oriental bazaar like
RGB 128, 128, 255 african

Population types

The mask for population types is defined in base/pics/geoscape/map_earth_population.png.
RGB 0, 0, 64 water
RGB 128, 255, 255 urban sky scrapers, stadions, schools, massive buildings; inhabitation guaranteed
RGB 255, 128, 0 suburban wide streets, private homes, churches; inhabitation guaranteed
RGB 255, 0, 0 village small homes, narrow streets, old buildings; inhabitation guaranteed
RGB 128, 128, 255 rural large farm houses, wide places, farms, inhabitation likely
RGB 128, 255, 0 nopopulation no buildings, no inhabitation at all


The mask for nations is defined in base/pics/geoscape/map_earth_nations.png.
RGB 0, 255, 128 latin The Revolutionary Countries
RGB 0, 128, 0 states United America
RGB 0, 128, 255 europa The Greater European Union
RGB 128, 128, 0 asia The Asian Republic
RGB 255, 255, 0 middle The Middle-Eastern Alliance
RGB 255, 128, 64 africa New Africa
RGB 128, 0, 0 russia Russia
RGB 128, 0, 128 oceania The Commonwealth of Oceania

Code example

The following code snippet shows the usage of the function CP_GetRandomPosOnGeoscape. When preparing the linkedList_t for terrain types (as example), you can add a string "Any" to indicate that the terrain type does not matter and every terrain type is to be accepted as suitable.

/* initialization of terrain, culture, population types and nations */
linkedList_t* terrainTypes = NULL;

linkedList_t* cultureTypes = NULL;

linkedList_t* populationTypes = NULL;

linkedList_t* nations = NULL;

/* getting random point with given criteria */
vec2_t randPos;
if (CP_GetRandomPosOnGeoscape(randPos,terrainTypes, cultureTypes, populationTypes, nations)) {

	/* randPos has now a random value according to the given criteria */
	char* nationString = "none";
	if (MAP_GetNation(randPos))
		nationString = MAP_GetNation(randPos)->id;

	Com_Printf("Random position chosen is: x %.3f y %.3f (terrain: %s,
		culture: %s, population: %s, nation: %s) \n", randPos[0], randPos[1],
		MAP_GetTerrainTypeByPos(randPos), MAP_GetCultureTypeByPos(randPos),
} else {
	Com_Printf("No point fulfilling the given criteria could be found!");