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Day and night lighting

As of revision 15024, the lightmaps for day and night maps are stored in the same bsp. You do not have to set the lighting in the worldspawn anymore - the compiler will do this automatically.

Surface lights

  • Mark the face that should emit light, open the surface inspector (s), tick the light checkbox and enter the light value in the value field at the bottom of the surface inspector. Use values ~10000.

light entity

  • _color
color for the light RGB - this value must be set - otherwise the light is ignored
  • light
intensity a value between 1 and 255
  • origin
the position of the light in the map (is set if you create/move your light)
  • classname

Warning Light entities only work at night by default. If you want to make them emit light by day as well, you must check the day checkbox on the entity inspector.


Area lights do not exist in UFO:AI. If you are mapping random map parts, you should read the suggestions for lights in the articles about random map parts.