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My 2c on the introduction text for singleplayer

1. the story

The Storyline Introduction (we could call it "Preamble" or something similar) should feature a condensed version of the events that lead up to the beginning of the game (See Storyline/Final#.22Introduction.22, but do not stop there :))

2. The first instructions

A very cleanly written guide on the first steps after the game has started. If we ever get real interactive in-game tutorials to work this should be exactly the same :) In the case of this text i think a mixture of the text provided here Storyline/Final#.22First_instructions.22 and a step by step guide with images/screenshots should work well.

Provide references to the related chapters in the manual (especially links with the full name of the chapter) and screenshots of the various steps.

A final note: I do not think separate pages (as the current structure implies) for the two chapters are needed, but if it gets to long/much we can still split it up.

--Hoehrer 14:18, 30 April 2007 (CEST)