Gameplay Proposals/VIP rescue mission

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This is a proposal to implement some rescue VIP civilian mission type.


The main goal of this missions is to keep a VIP civilan alive until the end.

If this civilian is killed, the mission will failed, and the VIP's nation will be discontent.


Protect VIP

In this mode the VIP is somewhere on the map, you must kill all aliens and got VIP alive until the end.

The alien will try to kill the VIP as last civilian or if a soldier is near the VIP.

Escort VIP

In this mode the VIP is near soldiers, you must escort him to a point, like cross a bridge, escape a building, go to the aircraft...

Alien will kill VIP in priority?

Rescue VIP

In this mode the VIP bleeding and lost health points on each turn. you must hurry to find and treat him before is dead.

The alien will try to kill the vip as last civilian or if a soldier is near the VIP

  • i think there is a TODO item about bleeding in general. probably best to implement that (and improve medikits etc) before having a special case here. --Blondandy 15:24, 8 January 2009 (UTC)

Civilian control

A VIP can be controlled by the player only if he's visible and near a soldier (like to ear orders).

Soldier could have a charismatic property that increase the distance to control a VIP.

Kind of VIP


He will give you a research improvement (new technology discover, increase some percentage of research).

Political man

Give better happiness of man's nation.

PHALANX soldier

Give better moral to all team.

Protagonist avatar

(concept draft)AlexVinS 12:08, 10 April 2012 (SAST)

Protagonist himself lives in first PHALANX base. He can participate in base attack mission. He can be evacuated on attack but soldiers receives moral penalty, if not soldiers receives bonus during base defend. If protagonist dies game of course will be lost. Aliens will try to kill him in priority.