Gameplay Proposals/Gauss weapons

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This is only a basic idea, but it might be worth pursuing. Obviously, I'm using the name from X-COM:TFTD, which would likely have to be changed before a final version. Gauss weapons would basically be plasma weapons, human-improved by merging alien technology with human laser tech. There are three ways in which these weapons could be viable.

  • A more powerful laser powered by a plasma reaction (or by antimatter).

While maybe a crude approach, it's still an interesting one. The lasing would occur in plasma injected from a reaction common to alien plasma weapons. A coil (hence Gauss) would keep the plasma contained when it is being used and direct it to a harmless ejection after it's used up. The other two ideas:

  • A plasma gun, in which the bolt of plasma is aligned and contained by using a laser beam rather than plastic containers.
  • A laser-supercharged plasma bolt the laser would supply extra power to the plasma bolt for some distance enroute to target.

Either of the latter two could used, or both. They can be seen as a way to lengthen the barrel of the plasma weapon, hitting the target at the nearest possible distance (the plasma ball would continue to form until it reaches the target when it fall apart). The most obvious improvement would be in the pistol and rifle, which would get a distance upgrade.

Of course, the name 'Gauss' would imply some kind of magnetism working here, so another possibility would be adding low-range/high-power electromagnetic pulse weaponry resulting in the target being electrocuted (lethally or otherwise), perhaps an ultimate weapon against Ortnoks.

Obviously, all of these are purely sci-fi.