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Small Rocket-Propelled Munition Weapon

Further advance of Gyrojet and similar projects. The weapon fires miniature self contained rocket projectiles of two types: explosive, comprising of solid-propellant rocket engine and tiny amount of high-yield explosive, and kinetic, carrying no explosive charge, but having the core made of tunsten alloy. Micro-rockets are fed from [revolver?] magazine, initiated via electrical ignition and stabilized through a smooth-bore barrel. Angled jets spin the projectiles as they propel toward target. Smaller in comparison to RPG rockets projectiles allow the weapon to be handled in the same manner as support or even assault counterparts, and naturally allow quicker rate of fire than that of RPG, even limited auto-fire ability. Practical lack of recoil allows generally better accuracy than most ballistic projectile firearms, however lightweight dumb munitions with relaively small initial impulse are more prone to deviate from target than heavy RPG rocket or high-velocity sniper rifle bullet. Small warheads of explosive projectiles have little to no splash damage, requiring direct hit in order to inflict any significant damage, but at the same time allows, though not advises, using the weapon at close to medium range. Kinetic bolts velocity may be considered relatively low, especially at the initial part of the trajectory. But taking its larger mass into acount, the hit impulse is high enough to provide a punch even to armored target. Due to miniaturization, ammo production is a complex and expensive process utilizing latest technologies, including nanotech, to maintain high precision requirements.

Resume: support/suppressive weapon for medium to large range. Presumably researched in the same manner as Bolter rifle.