Equipment/Primary Weapons/Tachyon-Beam Rockets

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The tachyon ammo for RPG-37 is a definite human advantage over aliens in this devastating war. We are now convinced the only alien weapon with an explosive Tachyon effect is the Tachyon Rifle, and only in its primary attack mode. Our forces are now armed with a tachyon explosive weapon unavailable to the aliens: the Tachyon-Beam Rocket. It is a formidable projectile, propelled using the usual liquid fuel engines, emanating high-power tachyon radiation upon impact.

Battle Implications

The most advanced of all rockets, the Tachyon-Beam Rocket has a somewhat smaller splash damage radius than High-Explosive Rocket, but the same long range. After reaching its target, the warhead powers off its miniaturized particle accelerator where the tachyon particles are stored. The particles beam in all directions and the warhead is consumed by the ensuing storm of tachyon particle explosions.

Damage Type