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Our menus are scripts in base/ufos/ui. If you want to generate a new menu you have to do several things:

  • Create the images for this menu (in base/pics)
  • Create the script files for this menu (in base/ufos/ui)
  • Read UFO-Scripts/ui/*.ufo to get into the menu scripts. You can also find a lot examples at base/ufos/ui.

Create the script files for a new menu

Please see our menuscript descriptions for more information about the syntax and semantic of the several menu script entities

Using the editor

We have a built-in editor that can be used to edit the menus. You have to open the game console and type the command ui_push editor. This opens a menu with some control panels that allows you to select and modify the menu nodes. To save these changes you have to click the "extract window" button in the editor menu (this only works if you had something selected (see the active window string in the editor menu). The files are saved in your home directory (depends on your OS, see the FAQ) under window_NAME_extracted.ufo. The changes are not directly written back to the scripts as some information might be missing in those generated scripts. The opportunity is that you can perfectly align all nodes with the editor.