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Things have been done Things to do


  • Merged a lot of the DarkRadiant features and cleanups
  • Implemented skin rendering for the models not only in the modelbrowser, but also in the camera view - use the skin value from the entity to set the shader for the renderer
  • Gettext support
  • Position and size tracking for windows


  • Inconsistent marks in surfaceinspector/entityinspector (for selecting objects with different states)
  • Reworked the entity inspector
  • Reworked the surface inspector
  • Add prefab/template menu.


  • Modelbrowser - something like the texture browser - just rendering the models below Template:Path
  • Render trans33/trans66 brushes transparent in radiant
  • Move brushes and entities level upwards/downwards and also modify the levelflags
  • Integrate sound support into radiant to play misc_sounds
  • Filters can be defined via xml
  • UI settings are stored in xml files
  • Bounding box rendering for misc_models
  • Extended select features
  • Added material and ump editors
  • Group RMA tiles
  • Integrated ufo2map check option into the editor to directly jump to errors
  • Implemented selection sets
  • Add tooltip with information about entity/entity key from entities.ufo
  • Added a new texture overview dialog
  • Added overlay feature to render a picture in the background
  • Added "skip-common" feature for replacing textures
  • Added cut option
  • New, better method for CSG subtract tool
  • Added parsing of our LICENSES file to show whether the license of the used file is compatible