Base Facilities/Medics


Official Description

Proposed Descriptions

They have usually worse basic attributes than soldiers, but somewhat higer health points.

Ideas: Scientist or medic on team is neecessary to recover stunned aliens. A medic is twice as effective with medi-kit, or perhaps even allow the use of medi-kits only if medic is on team (he instructs on the radio how to use it and helps with the hardest cases himself). Then medikit should be available without research. Consider also the medical bay on a dropship idea from sf, but perhaps having the medic as a member of the team is cleaner. Also, when the ideas about dropping unconsious instaed of dead, but loosing HP each turn are implemented, medics both on team and in base will be much more valuable. --Bandobras 09:11, 12 September 2006 (CEST)

Idea: How about normal soldier are capable of healing (light) wounded soldiers (e.q. up to losing 3 HP each turn), but only medics are capable of healing heavy wounded (over -3 HP/turn) and to stabilize uconcious soldiers (and prevent losing unconcius soldier during returing to base).