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Phoenix Point: new strategy game by Julian Gollop

Julian Gollop, the creator of the original X-COM series, is at it again. His next game, Phoenix Point, is a strategy game following closely in the footsteps of the original X-COM, composed of real-time management and turn-based tactical battles as you fight a new menace on a world scale. Featuring mutating aliens! Procedural destructible maps! Factions! Geoscape! And more!

Similar to his previous game Chaos Reborn, he will be going the crowdfunding route. You can read more details about the game and support it here:


Monthly update for March, 2017

  • UI
    • Update firemode list when switching actors.
    • Fix passing empty strings to LUA confuncs.
    • Converted hud_.ufo to LUA.
  • Translations
    • Patch #5650: Updated French translations by Damyen.
    • Updated German translations by BeastXXL.

In total, 6 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in March.


Monthly update for February, 2017

  • UI
    • Add support for dropdown windows to LUA UI.
    • Try to fix an UI expression type error.
    • Convert default HUD to LUA (hud_default.ufo)
    • Feature request #4114 Nations graph colors should be consistent with Geoscape colors
    • Fix #5641 ("Lower the level" doesn't work)
    • Fixes parameter passing to inherited LUA confuncs.
    • Fix data node integer property.
    • Use correct method to get the node path on the ufox LUA library.
    • Fixed typo in the LUA UI interface file => regen bindings and runtime.
  • Battlescape
    • Attempt to fix #5643 Wrong message from misc_mission entity
    • Fix #5644 misc_mission trigger crash
    • Set default value for radius in misc_mission entity to 3
  • Maps
    • Removed [+transport] semiRMA map - all assets were moved to other map themes
    • [+urban] Some fixes and improvements in laboratory map tile to address #5646
    • [+africa] Fixed placement of particle weapon models of Gunboat UFO
    • [+industrial] Moved the storage area of the semiRMA +transport map to +industrial
    • [+industrial] Added the office building of the +transport semiRMA to +industrial map theme
    • [+solarplant] Some minor adjustments regarding texture scaling and alignment
    • [+solarplant] Replaced Herakles dropship by actual prefab
    • [prefabs] Added misc_sound to prefab of alien battery
    • Fixed #5637 Broken bridge, map "ambush to a military convoy"
  • Translations
    • #5639 French translation update by Damyen

In total, 28 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in February.


Monthly update for January, 2017

  • UI2: Fix title spacing on Main Menu.
  • Split precache list to silence warning.
  • Fix the actor fall event.
  • Make actors fall when the func_breakable they're standing on is destroyed (See #5634).

In total, 6 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in January.