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Monthly update for January, 2013

We're gearing up now for 2.5's release. It's not imminent, but we're starting to talk about where to draw the line on features, which is always a sign of progress. Here's what happened in January.

  • Engine
    • Support up to 12 soldiers in Skirmish and MP
  • Campaign
    • Increase limit on production queue items
  • Maps
    • Small fixes for solarplant, city_industry, office, stadium, africa, mansion, bungalow2
  • UI
    • Improved weight and TU information in equipment window
  • Translation
    • Norwegian, German, Spanish translations updated
  • Artwork
    • 10 new female soldier heads
    • New research image for alien detection
    • Performance improvements for smoke particles
  • Tools
    • New issue tracker for bugs, feature requests and patches
    • Fix for UFORadiant model viewer
    • Added MD2 and TAG exporters for Blender 2.63

New Issue Tracker

We have a new issue tracker. We imported more than 3,000 tickets (most closed) for old bugs, feature requests and patches from our Sourceforge tracker. All future reports should be made on the new tracker.

If you want to retain your account from the Sourceforge tracker, so that you can see tickets posted by or assigned to you, please send me a PM me on our forums with your Sourceforge username and the email address you want associated with your account. I will send you temporary login details.

Our Sourceforge issue tracker is now depricated. You can not add any further items to it.


Monthly update for December, 2012

In December mattn finally solved the terrible multi-threading issue which was causing so much instability in 2.5-dev. It was a month full of bug fixes and small improvements.

  • Engine
    • Fixed multi-threading issues
  • Campaign
    • Added common Portuguese names to possible human names
    • Fixed bug that prevented Bomber UFOs from appearing
    • Make gender distribution of soldiers based on available models
    • Stop message sounds from playing when loading a game
    • Fixed live alien research
  • Battlescape
    • Footstep sounds updated
    • Grenade bounce rates changed
    • Experimental foliage system introduced
    • Stopped wounded message from appearing too early
    • Show actors killed by wounds/triggers/fire in mission results
    • Smoke fields no longer block explosives
  • Maps
    • More UFO tiles for several maps
    • Several map fixes
  • UI
    • Reimplemented Transfer UI backend
    • Added support for a flashing effect for UI buttons
  • Translation
    • Updates to Korean, Italian and German translations
  • Artwork
    • Several new soldier heads
  • Tools
    • Began to implement skin management in UFORadiant model viewer

In total, 469 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in December.