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Debian packages

You can find updated debian/ubuntu/mint packages for i386 and x86_64 in our download section. Please report any problems to the proper topic in our forum.


Prepare for 2.4

We have begun preparing the release of UFO: Alien Invasion version 2.4 and we could use your help.

Please download the latest release candidate installer for Windows or Linux .deb packages for i386 or amd64 so you can help with testing, reporting bugs or making sure closed bug tickets are not still causing problems. Check the language files and send updates for confusing or inaccurate text.

We also have 18 unknown licensed files in our repository we hope to replace. If you can help us replace these files it would mark a major step forward in our quest to be fully FOSS-compatible.

View the changelog for a list of 2.4's new features and content.


New city2 map


Official webpage address change

Finally UFO: Alien Invasion got a own domain.
We migrated the project web page to
There is no need to change the old links you posted in our forum and on other web pages, old address are still working and are redirected to correct site.
We hope the new address will be easiest to remember.


Monthly update for February, 2012

  • UI
    • updated the UFOPedia
    • updated alien containment window
    • updated research window
    • implement baseattack team setup
    • battlescape Inventory now shows rank and name of the selected soldier (campaign mode only)
  • Shaders
    • AMD card issue fixes
    • new low quality world shader
    • closer to OpenGL 3.0 compliance
  • Maps
    • new map +beach RMA
    • new map neighbourhood
    • updated +harbour2 RMA
    • updated +forest RMA
    • updated +mansion RMA
    • two new tiles for +ufocrash RMA
    • fixed +country RMA #3484719
  • Mapeditor
    • added "skip-common" feature for replacing textures
    • kitchen prefab
    • fixed missing font problems
    • fixed compilation for more recent versions of GTK+2.0
    • fixed #3476940 (UFORadiant Clipper-tool feature)
    • added cut option
  • General
    • updated some translations
    • more realistic walk animations for the bloodspider
    • added save support to static campaign save game support
    • reaction fire fixes and tweaks
    • tuned needlers gun
    • fixed forgotten team after skirmish retry
    • replaced unknown licensed media - now only a few models are left
    • prevent story related missions to be done via automission
    • reduced memory usage
    • applied patch #3485108 (Add a power ability training formula)
    • applied patch #3485779 (add bunch of western european and nordic names)
    • new map models
  • Bugfixes
    • fixed a crash on macosx with sdl 1.2.14
    • fixed #3486310 (mouse cursor not switching back)
    • fixed #3485744 (actors won't go through 'reversed' doors)
    • fixed #3463848 (func_door problems)
    • fixed #3486900 (TU values do not always update in HUD))

In total, 266 commits were made in UFO:AI repository in February.


Monthly update for January, 2012

  • Campaign
    • Right-clicking on alien in containment will now open UFOpaedia entry when alien is not yet researched
    • Tweaked the amount of UFOs in a campaign
    • Fixed bug #3285423 - ESC key on victory screen results in no UFO recovery
    • Make missiles miss when aircraft landed
    • Unified geoscape camera control (keys and mouse now both move the camera, not the globe)
    • Prevent installing base defence weapons before buildings fully built up
    • Updated overall base window
  • Renderer
    • Fixed bug #3420462 - fixed animation issues
    • Fixed bug #3288569 - model animation flickers between deadX and deathX animation
    • Updated OpenGL lighting code
    • Updated rescue zone rendering
    • Disable shaders on Intel graphics hardware
    • Updated textures and normalmaps
    • Replaced MAX_GL_TEXTURES limit with dynamically-allocated r_images array
  • UFORadiant
    • Fixed bug #3475262 - level up/down feature not working correctly
    • Added a new texture overview dialog
    • Fixed bug #3474122 - particle selector is broken
    • Fixed segfault on shutdown
  • Maps
    • mansion
    • Fixed RMA problems with forest large
  • Code
    • Added static campaign
    • Make several maps available in skirmish mode
    • Touchscreen drag&drop-like scroll for optiontrees, optionlists, text fields and text lists
  • Artwork
    • Fixed the scaling on the pilot helmet
    • Replacements for bullet-pistol, bullet-pistol2 and bullet-sniper weapon soundfx
    • Recompressed all textures
    • Updated MiniHud
  • Translations
    • Updated some translations

In total, 251 commits were made in UFO:AI repository in January.


Monthly update for December, 2011

  • Artwork
    • replaced last unlicensed textures
    • some new textures and normalmaps
  • Battlescape
    • start developing a new Reaction-Fire system
    • new Rescue Zone marker
  • Campaign
    • added Transferlist popup window
    • fixed Speed ability experience gain
  • HUD
    • discontinued HHUD was removed
    • more work on miniHUD
    • some updates other (default, alt) HUDs
    • new callbacks to cycle through soldiers and enemy backwards (only used on miniHUD yet)
  • Maps
    • added missing rescue zones
    • fixed several assemblies
    • other minor fixes
  • Translations
    • show Languages with native names
    • list every language the game supports
    • allow using languages not detected to be supported by the system

In total, 202 commits were made in UFO:AI repository in December.