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This site will hold ideas and suggestions for new maps. Describe the environment you have in mind as close as possible. Please also have a look at the list of existing maps.


  • Every RMA needs an assembly without an UFO, to be usable for missions where aliens use no UFO to get there. This will happen more often the more the campaign progresses. --ShipIt 22:02, 3 October 2012 (SAST)
  • Maybe we should keep in mind the fact that the year is 2084! Things change quickly ;) - Metalhead42
  • Crash sites (random assembly if possible) (only random assemblies if you ask me - maybe with few exceptions--Zenerka 09:33, 6 April 2007 (CEST))
    • American desert highway, with cactuses and bull skulls and everything. --BTAxis
      • See gasstation map
    • Desert (redressed ice-terrain ?)
    • [WIP] Oasis --Zenerka 09:33, 6 April 2007 (CEST) ;-)
    • Jungle (modify tropic, add lots of trees)
      • First of all we need to solve the issue of blocking line of fire by plants/trees--Zenerka 09:33, 6 April 2007 (CEST)
    • Forest
    • Mountains
    • Beach
    • Desert - there's a significant lack of wide open, "boring" landscapes in the game in 2.4
    • The vast majority of the world's surface is not inhabited. Crash sites really should be 50%+ no or few buildings.
  • Terror sites, Infrastructure attacks and the like
    • Osama bin Laden compound, complete with downed Firebird dropship.
    • White House lawn and small part (real building is a frickin warren with tons of levels and rooms).
    • 10 Downing Street
    • UN Plaza with the flagpoles
    • Statue of Liberty entrance, another map for top observation level
    • Lincoln Memorial - reasonably simple in real life
    • Arc de Triomphe in Paris - base only
    • Space Shuttle launch platform
    • Golden Gate Bridge section
    • Alcatraz Prison section - see movie "The Rock" with Sean Connery
    • Guantanamo Bay prison camp
    • Inside of a Pyramid
    • Moored submarine
    • Moored Navy warship
    • Oil platform (assembly possible?)
    • Cargo ship, oil tanker - like in "Terror From The Deep" --Sirg
    • Cruise ship (lot's of civilians, Terror mission) --Hoehrer
      • I hated those missions in TFTD! We are going to need more than 8 civilians for a cruise ship attack (don't know if that is possible or not). I don't know why the aliens couldn't just hit the ship with a missile anyway, given how easily they could do that. Nonetheless a good idea. - Metalhead42 23:45(U.S.A. EST) April 7, 2007
    • Government offices.
      Those will come in handy regarding the storyline. It's likely that we'll have governments siding with the aliens, and so it's very probable that we'd want to have missions in their offices, for example to kill a converted politician. Also for U.N. headquarters defense missions, to come up with a random example. --BTAxis
    • Seaside tourist trap. --BTAxis
      • see pdi08
    • Big factory (like Boeing's) with large halls and places to climb for snipers. --Sirg
    • Nuclear power plant (meltdown optional ;)) --Sirg
      • a version in maps/unfinished
    • electric power transformation substation --Wh1sper
      • haw1 is working on it--Zenerka 09:33, 6 April 2007 (CEST)
    • more city maps - terror would go to cities most likely--Zenerka 09:33, 6 April 2007 (CEST)
    • terror mission in school, but does engine support children models? --Maheusz
    • 'Trial by fire' for singleplayer and multiplayer coop would be a map series using the trigger_nextmap to call the next map once the actual one is won. Would be like levels I guess, starting easy and getting harder each map/level, going unbeatable in the last missions. Should have no end, just for kicks for players to prove how far they can go. No need to make the maps elaborate, they should be pretty simple instead. Having a theme (inspired by the existing maps) for each stage/level would be great. ShipIt
  • Unique missions and Landmarks
    • Alien mothership, again for storyline purposes. Possibly, we can use the alien base maps for the mothership. -- BTAxis
      • See colon map.
    • Friendly aircraft shot down/Pilot rescue - Metalhead42
      • The developers of UFO: Aftermath did this, and while they messed it up entirely (it was just a "secure-the-area" kind of map with no pilot) it could make the campaign more interesting. You could lose the pilot if he was KIA, and make them expensive to buy in order to make the player want to keep them alive. Sensitive information can also be an objective-to-be-destroyed, thats always a common goal of any CSAR operation. - Metalhead42 23:55(U.S.A. EST) April 7, 2007
    • The Eiffel Tower. --BTAxis
      • we only have 8 levels :-D Mattn 17:58, 22 February 2007 (CET)
        • Make one map with first 8 levels, when it is finished (and won), immediately launch next mission with different map - next 8 levels, when it is finished (and won), immediately [...]
      • Although this sounds like a good idea (for multi player maybe?), I can't see this being of any use for the single player campaign. Some landmarks do have alot of people around them (good for terror missions), but for something like the Eiffel Tower is going to be a pain in radiant. - Metalhead42 23:38 (U.S.A. EST) April 7, 2007
)--Zenerka 13
08, 18 March 2007 (CET)
    • Soldiers start on the top of a tower in a big city (like twin tower was!) and must descend to kill all of the aliens! - Marte
  • swamp map with sitter's hovercraft and plant models
  • airfield

More map-tiles for assembling random maps

Crash Sites

The following is a list of crash sites that will be needed for random map generation. They should be built in standard tile format, and look like a real crash. Broken buildings and trees, skid marks, the works. Make it pretty.

Completed crash tiles should be saved as a template and committed to the datasource branch. From there mappers can create assembly-specific versions.

Look in: \base\models\objects\alien\ufo_crashed for the models. See Aircraft for more details on the UFOs.

  • [open]UFO Scout
  • [open]UFO Fighter
  • [open]UFO Harvester
  • [open]UFO Gunboat
  • [open]UFO Supply Ship
  • [open]UFO Corrupter
  • [open]UFO Ripper
  • [open]UFO Bomber
  • [open]UFO Battleship



  • 3-4 garages in a row
  • doghouse
  • mailbox for houses
  • Swimmingpool
  • more types of existing tiles (houses, park, playground ...)


  • Kiosk with newspapers
  • Garden-chess (just checkerboard stone-tiles on ground + box for the pieces)
  • Tennis-field (from stadion-map)
  • Art / Statue / Sculpture


  • T-shape street-connection for other directions
  • Roundabout / rotary
  • Zebra-crossing / traffic-lights
  • motorcycle (perhaps with futuristic design?)
  • Bus-station
  • Monorail


  • brushes / trees / rocks
  • park with flowers
  • small brook / duck-pont


  • [done] slice up the farm-map to get tiles for random assembly
  • meadows (with some cows)
  • wheat-fields / corn-fields, high enough to hide a soldier when crouching, and burning when flamed :-)


  • alien ship on tropic map
  • small house with power-generator (where did they get electricity out in the jungle?)
  • house for guards/personnel (with several bunk-beds like in bunker-map)
  • terrain with paths / tracks
  • some more types of rocks
  • trees


  • raised hide (for hunters) - modify climbing-hut from village-playground
  • rocks / hills (from lake-map and ice-map)
  • Snowman
  • more housetypes:
    • Sauna
    • Shed with snowmobile
    • igloo


  • a map tile with some kind of radar station --ShipIt 22:04, 3 October 2012 (SAST)


Some houses look like someone lives there, but they don't have bedrooms, which is odd - maybe it was forgotten ?

  • farm-map: Farmhouse
  • tropical-map: big house
  • village-map: Flat above shop on first floor
  • construction-map: appartement on second floor