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Author Topic: Double Shot mod  (Read 4574 times)

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Double Shot mod
« on: January 28, 2017, 04:47:35 pm »
Hi All!

I added a few new fire modes in the attached files. There are two variants of this mod:
  • first is for experienced or strict players where changes are small and balanced,
  • "Easy" is for new players or for those who wants more new possibilities.
I quote some lines from the included readme.txt as an introduction.

Double Shot and Fast Aimed Shot: new fire modes in UFOAI 2.5+

Many weapons which lack of burst modes get a new Double Shot mode,
like the solider press the trigger twice, aiming to the same target.
Double modes are already in Flamethrower and Stun Rod, now in more
weapons also. Need less TU than two snapshots but less accurate.

Fast Aimed Shot also can save a few TU for the cost of less accuracy.

Weapon specific notes

1. Pistol

Double Shot need 7 TU, save 1 TU over two snapshots but less accurate.

2. Particle Beam Pistol

Double Shot mean 2*70 damage for 11 TU, a good damage/TU ratio.
Note in the hand of your enemies also.

3. Riot Shotgun

Double Shot can save a TU and offer the original inaccuracy.

Refined Shot is an attempt to aim but the big recoil prevent low
spread, this is why not called to aimed shot. Moreover get some
bonus when crouched making this weapon usable, just keep in mind
that the maximal range is 20 squares only.

4. Sniper Rifle

Get a reactionfire-enabled Fast Aimed Shot which fill the gap
between snapshot and aimed shot, accurate up to medium range
for 18 TU. Useful when you need just one more step.

There is no double shot mode in sniper weapons. Not so fit for
these slow rifles, moreover a bug prevent to set the throughwall
parameter: always fire 3-5 shots instead of the wanted double
when throughwall is over 0 so no double mode with snipers.

5. Coilgun

Fast Aimed Shot need 20 TU, you can do two more steps or crouch if
the target is enough near to use it instead of an aimed shot.

6. Electromagnetic Rifle

Fast Aimed Shot offer usable accuracy for 21 TU (aimed need 3 more).

7. Grenade Launcher

Double Shot is useful with grenades due to do the splash damage
compensate the lower accuracy.

Flechettes already set to use multiple shot, this technical reason
prevent me to add double shot with this ammo. This also the reason
why no double shot in Micro shotgun which can load flechettes only.

8. Electro Laser

Get Double Stun Shot for almost double TU with less accuracy.
Also offer a slow Aimed Stun Shot with somewhat better odds.
Still need many hit to stun a strong enemy and unusable against
Hovernets and Spiders.

How to install
Copy the next files from the attached into ~/.ufoai/2.5/base/ufos in Linux,
in Windows C:\Program Files\UFOAI-2.5\base\ufos or where you installed the game.

Enjoy! :)