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User modifications / Adding new UFO: unknown craft_ufo_"name of new UFO"
« on: February 20, 2014, 11:26:22 am »
Well, I added new ufo in all files in 0ufos and in models but I still get that message.

I cant continue working on this mod until I solve this problem.

Please help and sorry for "spamming", I just wanna make new mod!

All weapns rebalanced..

If AntJam gives me green light I would like to use his weapons too in my mod (something like joint mod)

0. New ammo for grenade launcher - tested it and its working fine + grenade launcher becomes something like auto shotgun with new saboted ammo * see the pic
1. Plasma blaster is now formidable weapon for close quarters combat and much more deadly in the hands of aliens.
2. Plasma encased rounds were way too strong so I decreased their dmg (I love to use all weapons avaliable in the game, not only 1 or two superb above all weapons)
3. Needler gun and heavy needler gun are now close combat weapons with slightly changed stats and damage
4. Particle beam cannon is now close combat weapon, inaccurate but strong
5. Mini shotgun is now able to use saboted slugs but have reduced damage compared to shotgun
6. Shotgun was way to weak weapon so I added 3 round burst (auto shotgun) + slightly increased damage
7. Plasma rifle accuracy lowered - gun looks more inaccurate than assault rifle so I made it that way
8. Flamewthrower is now usable weapon, reduced TUs usage. Its short rate is compensated with high power and low TUs
9. All laser weapons rebalanced (I hated calculating how many shots I have left)
10. Rocket launcher is now really useful weapon and it deals great damage (reduced TUs, increased damage-since version 2.4 as I play with these modifications for a long time)
11. Particle beam rifle is now most accurate rifle (except sniper rifles and laser weapons) when using aiming
12. Particle beam pistol has new fire mode
13. Big changes to all aircraft speeds: ufos, interceptors, dropships - changed projectile speeds accordingly + SAM sites rate of fire and projectile speeds.
14. Changes to ufo damage capacity, they are now slightly harder to take down

btw. I play with modified weapons, crafts, items from 2.4 version.

I plan to create plasma encased rounds for other weapons, add new interceptors and add more advanced UFO fighter for the start (alien reply to more advanced human interceptors), at leas one new alien weapon in the future...+ some other things :)

I will release first version of the mod in next few weeks!

Help is greatly appreciated (advices...etc.)

CL_ParseParticle: particle def "fireImpact" with same name found, reset first one

Com_ParseItem: MAX_OBJDEFS exceeded

Where did I made mistake? Btw. Im working on a saboted slug for grenade launcher!

// =======================
// =======================
item grenl_sabot_ammo
   name         "_25mm Saboted Grenades"
   model         "weapons/grenl_sabot_clip/grenl_sabot_clip"
   type         "ammo"
   animationindex   0
   shape         "0 0 1 1"
   center         "0 0 0"
   scale         0.7
   price         135
   size         6
   is_primary      true
   is_heavy      true
   dmgtype         "normal"
   weight         1.0

      weapon grenl
         name                   "_Snap Shot"
         skill                   "close"
         projtl                    bullet
         impact            bulletImpact
         hitbody            null
         firesnd            "weapons/bullet-shotgun"
         impsnd            "impact/bullet-impact"
         bodysnd                  "impact/bullet-bodyimpact"
         speed            3000
         spread            "2.5 2.5"
         crouch            0.9
         range            10
         shots            8
         ammo            1
         delaybetweenshots   0
         time            12
         damage            "150 5"
         dmgweight         "normal_medium"
         reaction         true

Bugs in stable version (2.5) / Africa desert in South America
« on: February 12, 2014, 10:16:26 pm »
Well, title says it all...

Tactics / Luring tactics vs UFOs
« on: February 11, 2014, 02:51:35 pm »
It is possible to lure ufos with you interceptors so they enter SAM area to soften them before sending interceptors or you could lure single ufo (gunboat is best target for such tactics) multiple times until SAM rockets take them down :)

Btw. this should be edited in future versions. Aliens should be able to learn after few successful luring actions to avoid SAM sites.

Discussion / UFO ripper in 2.5/2.6
« on: February 11, 2014, 02:47:40 pm »
I did not encounter it in 2.5 late game/2.6 early. Is this UFO featured in these versions?

Discussion / Soldier ranks....
« on: February 03, 2014, 01:36:32 am »
UFO: Enemy Unknown had superb system:

Commander   XCom1 rank6 Commander.GIF Only one allowed over all X-COM Bases, requires at least 30 soldiers in all bases.
Colonel   XCom1 rank5 Colonel.GIF Most experienced Captain is promoted to Colonel if opening present. 1 Colonel for 23 soldiers, limit of 10.
Captain   XCom1 rank4 Captain.GIF Most experienced Sergeant is promoted to Captain if opening present. 1 Captain for 11 soldiers, limit of 22.
Sergeant   XCom1 rank3 Sergeant.GIF Most experienced Squaddie is promoted to Sergeant if opening present. 1 Sergeant for 5 soldiers, limit of 50.
Squaddie   XCom1 rank2 Squaddie.GIF Perform any action that qualifies towards promotion, may not be given with high troop counts.
Rookie   XCom1 rank1 Rookie.GIF Starting rank for all new recruits.

Can anyone help me to understand UFO AI ranking system?

It seems to me Ill soon have all colonels in the bases :D

Tactics / Capturing live hovernet/combat hovernet and bloodspider/c.b.s
« on: February 01, 2014, 01:06:47 pm »
I just wanna say I never make it.....anyone? I shot one hovernet with electrolaser, 3 it possible to capture them alive?

Feature Requests / Reaction fire, I really think this is good advice...
« on: January 25, 2014, 06:57:08 pm »
For all you who played prequel of UFO Enemy Unknown, Laser Squad you remember reaction fire from that game. Game would stop, you had certain number of Aps you left for reaction fire and you decided how to spend them: snap shot, auto fire or aimed.

I think this option would be great in the game so player can choose will his soldier shoot on auto, snapshot or aimed.

btw. UFO: EU was developed under the name: Laser Squad 2 :)

Discussion / Few suggestions, XCOM Apocalypse style universe...
« on: January 21, 2014, 08:43:05 am »
I know there is very big possibility you are all aware of this:

Anyone of you who played XCOM Apocalypse can remember moments when city police attacked UFOs side by side with you. I think it would be logical and nice to see military fighter jets joining the battle with you. Also, Phalanx weapons should be experimental and used only by Phalanx interceptors.
So, military jets of various countries should use normal, up to date weapons and equipment but Phalanx should use experimental, expensive, advanced weapons.
I think its not realistic that such organization (Phalanx) is using standard weapons and equipment. They should use most advanced weapons Earth has.

Another thing that would be logical are ufos flying in formation. Something like: after successful interceptions early in the game UFOs are starting to fly in formations.
Supply ships should be guarded by at least 2 fighters and UFO speed should not be constant (just like in ufo: enemy unknown).

To compensate this (in gameplay) military fighter jets are stepping in. It should be possible to coordinate attack with them.

I know people are giving you suggestions that you heard before, that you all were thinking about, I know its lots of work but hey, I love this game and I just wanna see it better and better with each new version :)

Discussion / Interceptions
« on: January 16, 2014, 04:15:08 pm »
One thing that is solved bad in this game is air combat.

I would suggest something similar to original ufo: enemy unknown.

Another "problem" is the speed of UFOs and interceptors (which I changed so now speed is generally 2x to 3x faster and I changed projectiles/missiles speed and SAM reloading times accordingly). It was really unreal for me to see ufos that can be outrunned by ME 262 :) or even Ta -152!

Generally 2.5 is superb version and I like it alot (with some changes I made).

User modifications / Rescue missions - downed interceptors
« on: December 27, 2013, 01:20:33 pm »
Rescue missions are really cool. I modded speed of interceptors, dropships and ufos as it seemd to me more realistic and now I wanna mod rescue missions. Is it possible? How?
It would be really cool to rescue downed pilots of interceptors - if they survived.

Another great feature would be pilot equipment (pistol, medikit...etc.)

Discussion / Female soldiers?
« on: August 11, 2006, 05:45:09 pm »
MOD EDIT: Please read this post first.

Im X-com fan from Amiga days, and Laser Squad fan sine 1988 when Laser Squad was out form my ZX Spectrum...

I played Ai and game looks nice but 1 thing is very very bad....

12 soldiers/9 females : 3 males?!?!?!??!

Please try to be far more realistic here.....95% male soldiers with 5% female ones (special forces dont have females in real army)....

Thats realistic....

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