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Bugs in stable version (2.5) / Re: game will not start
« on: January 02, 2014, 01:12:27 am »
Seems like old scripts -- extension was removed (and the implant slot ended in its place IIRC) -- either there are files from an old version still lying around where the game can find them (rare, but has happened), or there is a problem with the installer...
Did some searching after a full uninstall and found a ufoai directory appdata/local/ufoai that had some files in it. Deleting it and reinstalling fixed the problem.

Bugs in stable version (2.5) / Re: game will not start
« on: January 01, 2014, 06:08:21 am »

Bugs in stable version (2.5) / game will not start
« on: January 01, 2014, 03:08:43 am »
I just downloaded the latest 2.5 dev and installed it. I keep getting this error message when I try to run the game "unknown inventory definition "extension". Aborting in the ufoconsole window. I've tried doing a complete uninstall and reinstall and still nothing.

Any ideas?

Discussion / Re: Final Feedback (2.5)
« on: October 26, 2012, 12:54:01 am »
Huh, is the Workshop actually of any value? I mean I have to pay my Workers to make stuff at the same price it goes for on the market. I'm assuming this becomes more useful once I've unlocked more alien stuff but so far by the time I've unlocked an item for use I've scavenged plenty to equip my squads.
There is stuff that you you don't loot from aliens and that doesn't appear on the market, at least not until you've sold one you built.

Discussion / Re: Final Feedback (2.5)
« on: October 21, 2012, 02:19:05 am »
Some not quite random thoughts on the subjects raised
1. Jon_dArc raised the issue that laser weapons had been too heavily nerfed after the first round of weapon balancing hit early in 2.5's development cycle. On October 7, I introduced some significant (and controversial) changes to address this. In short, handheld laser weapons are no longer available at the start, but come as an early-middle game replacement for plasma weapons, which now perform poorly against armoured aliens. Their damage values have been adjusted accordingly, although they are still not as accurate as they used to be. During that stage of the game, they should be very useful.
It may be just I'm so used to the 'xcom way' but I do prefer having an inferior to alien weaponry but superior to starting tech weapon tech in the research tree. It allows you to develop better weapons relatively quickly without being quite on the sme level as the aliens. My preference would be for highly accurate laser rifles that do less dmage per 'round' than the assault rifle. It should be possible to balance it for a slightly higher avaerage damage output than the assault rifle. Adding a laser sniper rifle would also be a nice feature.

2. I agree that there are some cumbersome elements to the base building that could be revised, and I'm not convinced that the plan for larger bases will help matters. But I don't have any better vision for it.
Just what hardware limit is keeping the base constrained to a 5x5 grid? Is it the size of the base on assaults? Doing away with the surface level would free up quite a bit of memory. The aliens would start in the areas of the base that access the surface (entrance, hangars, radars).

4. ... two days ago I implemented some pretty heavy changes to the rate of employees you will receive each month. I've also increased the number of soldiers you start with in all but the hardest campaign (soldiers are nearly doubled in standard campaign). Each campaign now also has a scriptable parameter to effect how many soldiers are received each month, so it will be easy for you or anyone to increase the number if you find it's too low.

I agree completely that the tiny number of employees on offer created a ceiling to what could be done -- it encouraged excessively conservative battlescape tactics and forced us to keep the number of aliens you'll face pretty low. And for most employees the nation happiness factor was exponential, which means that as the nations got really unhappy -- when you really needed employees -- you could end up getting almost no employees. My sense is that most people will end up with too many employees by mid-game now, but we'll see how the new numbers work out.

Because the number of missions has gone down and the time spent in hospitals has gone up, we'll need to look at the stats increase mechanisms to ensure soldiers can realistically level up through a campaign. But that may or may not make it into 2.5.
Completely agree that the number of employees needs to increase. To make keeping the nations happy a bigger incentive I suggest that happy nations would provide a small number of higher skilled pilots and soldiers each month. getting 2 to 5 soldiers with skills in the high 20's low 30's each month would be precious while having 20 or so raw recruits with skills in the teens would allow for recovery from dissters.

Third, research topics that yield no value. A lot of players really enjoy the lengthy lore behind the game. Personally, I find it tedious. But I suspect it will stay. It fits our niche, which tends to be more detailed, micro-managing, nerdy strategy. What I hope to do -- although it won't happen for 2.5 -- is to better integrate the storyline research with practical items. In an ideal world, a string of "useless" storyline research techs would end in an important item or ability or whatever. They would be the long-term research investment to counter the shorter-term research into weapons, etc. I suspect this won't really be possible until psionics is implemented, though. Looking at the storyline texts we have now, it's very difficult to think of ways to tie them into useable technology.
The storyline techs, for lack of a better term, could result in some game play advantages. Studying the aliens could produce a nerve gas or other weapon effective against the aliens or maybe a 'telepathy scrambler' which would 'stun' aliens in a small area.

Discussion / Re: 2.5 dev questions
« on: October 09, 2012, 02:17:07 am »
Do soldiers heal at all at bases without hospitals? I tried rotating my injured soldiers off to my fighter bases to serve as the defenders. However they don't seem to be healing at all which defeats the purpose.

This has happened to me several times. I cannot reproduce it consistently.

The first case the alien completely disappears but continues to move and fire. Reaction fire, AoE attacks and bleeding will usually do it in but not before it kills a bunch of my guys.

The second case the alien will appear to remain at the same location but is unhittable and eventually it becomes clear it is moving and acting as above.

In both cases the 'ghost' is preceeded by a turn where the alien is not drawn in a single cell on the map. This is noticeable by the odd behavior of the reticle when targeting it. It may not be relevant but for me it happens most on the bridge/junkyard map.

Discussion / Re: 2.5 dev questions
« on: September 26, 2012, 11:39:45 am »
A screenshot (F12) will probably be more useful.
A screenshot wouldn't show much. The numbers on the side of the HUD lit up like normal. It was just that pressing them did nothing.

Discussion / Re: 2.5 dev questions
« on: September 26, 2012, 07:03:57 am »
Sorry to ask a stupid question, but are you away you can change the level you are viewing with the number buttons on the left of the hud (or the up and down arrows)? I just loaded ferry and could see all levels without a problem.
Yes, I'm aware and for me that didn't work for some reason. I could see the level if I could see an alien there or if I selected a trooper that got there somehow.

Next time it happens I'll post a bug report with a save right before the mission.

Discussion / Re: 2.5 dev questions
« on: September 26, 2012, 01:42:56 am »
I am in favor of removing it, but at the moment Piloting skill effects a pilot's chance of surviving a crash (I believe). In theory we will have rescue missions if a pilot survives. Personally I think the skill is entirely superfluous and haven't heard a good use for it yet. Some people have suggested better fuel consumption, or the aircraft flies faster, neither of which make a lot of sense to me.
I think you could make a reasonable argument that general piloting skill could improve range (reduce fuel usage), by better navigation, and higher speed, experience/skill at throttling engines and maneuvering at high speed. Dropping it in favor of less complexity would be fine with me as well.

Would be nice if dropship pilots got some improvement in evasion skill over time. I'm reluctant to shift over a combat ace to dropship piloting but without doing so the dropship never gets better evasion for those instances when the UFO's attack the dropship.

Another question: is it a bug that I can't look at some levels of some maps even though the aliens can move around there and my troops can get there if I send them to a lower/higher level I can see? Heppened on the ferry, mine and human base maps.

Discussion / Re: 2.5 dev questions
« on: September 25, 2012, 04:08:46 pm »
Thanks for the answers.
Each time a UFO is shot down, the pilot of the aircraft which shot the UFO down gets 1 extra Targeting point. If the UFO was carrying weapons, the pilot gets 1 extra Evasion point.

A pilot with higher Targeting skills has a higher chance of hitting a UFO when he fires. The increase is on a curve that slows down as the pilot reaches a Targeting skill of 70. The maximum bonus is 29% better chance to hit.

It is the same for Evasion, but with a maximum 29% decrease to chance that a UFO will hit the pilot's aircraft. If you want to see the actual equation, the commit in which this was added is here.
So based on the above and the code liked piloting skill does nothing? If so why not remove it?

Discussion / 2.5 dev questions
« on: September 25, 2012, 01:21:25 am »
Found this project while googling for xcom info. 2.4 ended too fast so I DL'd 2.5 (sept 20th build).

Been reading the forums but there seems to not be much clear info on some details.

Pilot skills: How much do they matter? What precisely is the diff between piloting and evasion? Do pilots get experience for shooting down unarmed scouts?
Soldier skills: Accuracy and the weapon skills. Which really effects soldier accuracy with a specific weapon? Any reason why grenade
launcher use improves HE skill so much faster than sniper rifle use improves sniper skill?
Soldier promotions. Just fluff or is it something more than highest xp soldiers?

Why have turrets and ammo for UGV but not actually have them? just a place holder or am I missing something?

Manufacturing everything costs as much to make as to buy off the market. Makes having workers pointless until you get something to build not already on the market.

Tempo. the amount of ufo activity versus the healing rate of soldiers is a little off. Ideally by June or July I'd like two mission squads, the veterans to do the harder stuff and a rookie squad to deal with shot down scouts etc.. But you simply don't get enough recruits and wounded soldiers heal too slowly to make that viable.

Mostly great fun and a nice way to kill time waiting for XCOM.

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