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Coding / Trying to speed up code for Routing
« on: March 19, 2017, 02:36:34 pm »
I'm trying to speed up the code for Routing, specially a recursive function that is used a lot: TR_RecursiveHullCheck() (in src/common/tracing.cpp)
It is called from TR_BoxTrace(), when checking if actors can enter each cell, to build the Routing table. Map2Ufo uses it to prepare the data into the BSP, but the game also uses it somewhere.

The part I'm interested in is from line 949.
After some checks in the previous code, we are splitting the vector in 2 fractions, to check both parts in sequence. Current code calculates twice the splitting point (frac, frac2, midf, again midf), but I think we need to do it just 1 time (so avoiding some time-expensive multiplications). Also I have found a weird thing, possibly a bug, in line 955:
Code: [Select]
frac = (t1 - offset + DIST_EPSILON) * idist;should be:
Code: [Select]
frac = (t1 - offset - DIST_EPSILON) * idist;
If I'm right, then we don't need frac2 at all, and can use the first calculation for midf in both recursive calls to TR_RecursiveHullCheck() in lines 976 and 986.

This part of the function, from lines 949 to 986 could be (I have commented out the lines to be deleted):

Code: [Select]
/* float frac, frac2; */ /* To be deleted */
float frac; /* Added to replace previous line */
int side;
if (t1 < t2) {
const float idist = 1.0 / (t1 - t2);
side = 1;
/* frac2 = (t1 + offset + DIST_EPSILON) * idist; */ /* To be deleted */
/* frac = (t1 - offset + DIST_EPSILON) * idist; */ /* To be deleted */
frac = (t1 - offset - DIST_EPSILON) * idist; /* Added to replace previous line */
} else if (t1 > t2) {
const float idist = 1.0 / (t1 - t2);
side = 0;
/* frac2 = (t1 - offset - DIST_EPSILON) * idist; */ /* To be deleted */
frac = (t1 + offset + DIST_EPSILON) * idist;
} else {
side = 0;
frac = 1;
/* frac2 = 0; */ /* To be deleted */

/* move up to the node */
if (frac < 0)
frac = 0;
else if (frac > 1)
frac = 1;

float midf = p1f + (p2f - p1f) * frac;
vec3_t mid;
VectorInterpolation(p1, p2, frac, mid);
TR_RecursiveHullCheck(traceData, node->children[side], p1f, midf, p1, mid);

/* go past the node */
/* if (frac2 < 0) */ /* To be deleted */
/* frac2 = 0; */ /* To be deleted */
/* else if (frac2 > 1) */ /* To be deleted */
/* frac2 = 1; */ /* To be deleted */

/* midf = p1f + (p2f - p1f) * frac2; */ /* To be deleted */
/* VectorInterpolation(p1, p2, frac2, mid); */ /* To be deleted */
TR_RecursiveHullCheck(traceData, node->children[side ^ 1], midf, p2f, mid, p2);

With this changes I cannot find any problem in game, and map2ufo compiles  map in less than half the time (besides lighting). So I would like anybody can check this too.

Mapping / Missing ufo tiles for themes
« on: March 11, 2017, 04:37:02 pm »
I was reviewing the list of missing ufo tiles:

Thinking about the possible landed ufos for each mission type, I think the list of missing tiles could be reduced a lot. Let me know if I am missing something on the following reasoning.

List of ufo types and alien mission types:
Ufos: Scout, Fighter, Harvester, Corrupter, Bomber, Carrier, Supply, Gunboat, Ripper, Mothership
Missions: Base Attack, Build Base, Harvest, Intercept, Recon (air and ground), Rescue, Supply, Terror, Ufo Carrier, XVI propagation

Landed ufos can be found only on a few combos of alien mission type and ufo type:
Scout (Ground Recon)
Fighter (Ground Recon)
Harvester (Harvest, Terror)
Corrupter (Terror, XVI Propagation)
Bomber (Terror)
Gunboat (Terror)
Carrier (---)
Supply (---)
Mothership (---)
Ripper (?)

Excluding Terror missions (always on cities, so highly populated areas: urban or suburban), it is needed only 4 landed ufo types (plus all crashed ufo types) for most mapdefs or themes: Scout, Fighter, Harvester and Corrupter.

As well as for "+ufocrash" there are no landed ufos listed, bunch of ufo types could be removed from several themes, leaving just these 4 types (Scout, Fighter, Harvester and Corrupter):
+beach: nopopulation
+bridge: rural, nopopulation
+desert: rural, nopopulation
+forest: rural, nopopulation
+ice: nopopulation

Landed Supply could be also removed from all map themes, as these only land to build or supply an alien base (there is no mission in geoscape where we can send our dropship, or the mission is alienbase if already discovered).

At least while there are no plans to change (in some future) the mission types available for each ufo type (defined in "aircraftmanagement.ufo").

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