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That's too bad. I'm sorry to hear that. I didn't realize it was such an old thread.

Yes please do add that to the wiki. I'll run it in several computers with various specs and post the FPS count. Not sure what other performance data would be available or how to find it.

I can report that 2.5 runs on the Intel Atom z3735f, 2 GB of ram, with the Baytrail GPU at 43.5 FPS almost all of the time, regardless of what is happening. There are no issues at all. I opened a skirmish and got massacred. Are units supposed to 'float' from point A to B? there is almost no animation.

Hi. I still don't know where to make offers to assist the team. I can test UFO:AI on different platforms.

I have an old laptop which I run Linux Lite on (64 bit) with an i3 330m cpu, 4 gb of ram.

I have a Windows 8.1 tablet (32bit) with an Intel Atom quadcore 1.3 ghz (upclocks to 1.8 ghz) cpu, and 2 gb of ram. I can test performance or anything else on these systems if any testing is needed. But, I will need someone to explain to me how to collect diagnostic information to do it. Note: come July 29th, I intend to update my Tablet to use Windows 10. I also have android but UFO:AI is currently not on android.

One more thing, this game is very detailed and complicated. I don't quite know where to begin to find help. The tutorials are very thin.

Zenerka, what do you want dying civies and soldiers to say? Just sounds of pain, or things like "HELP ME!."

Discussion / Re: Need voice actors?
« on: June 18, 2015, 11:43:07 pm »
I don't know how to ask them directly. I couldn't find any official emails. I don't use IRC last I tried it was not reliable for getting people's attention in a website's chat room.

Discussion / Need voice actors?
« on: June 18, 2015, 04:21:32 am »
Hi guys. I've never played UFO:Alien Invasion. However, I recently became aware of the XCOM series, Xenonauts, and a few other games. I've been XCOM: Enemy Within. Anywho, can do a few voices, nothing too special, but probably better than average. For example, I can do a 100% perfect Gollum voice from the LOTR films. I may try to play UFO:AI tommorw.

FYI, I was BORN with a complete lack of ability to play video games and succeed in them. :/
But like a battered wife I always go back to them.

I use Steam, Skype, and email. (but I prefer skype.)

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