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Discussion / Can't make money/keep nations happy on Easy
« on: August 14, 2012, 08:53:52 am »
So I've been playing this game on and off for four years. I haven't touched it that much since 2.3, but playing a lot over the past week (sure is addicting!), it seems MUCH harder than it used to be. Not as much in the tactical area (though it's definitely harder there as well), but more on the strategic level. This is the fourth Easy campaign I'm on, having lost the previous three due to nation happiness.

Specifically, even on easy mode, countries instantly drop in happiness level. Along with this drops monthly income. Research is slower than ever (back in 2.3 I always ran out of things to research!), so I've compensated by hiring a lot of scientists. In my current campaign I'm in August, and I have 55 scientists in 6 labs, but have way too much I still need to research. I have two bases, the second one with 30 workers. However, in order to build the second base, I have been forced to sell everything, including my one interceptor and all alien tech I obtain, leaving none for research.

In addition, I'm forced to sell every alien ship I capture in order to keep countries from going under and me losing, as well as for monetary needs, preventing me from researching these ships. I would build more bases in other countries in order to shoot down more ships and get more money, but I can't because I don't have enough money. Production no longer makes money either, so I'm out of ways to make cash.

I currently lose 150K a month (as well as spending money on production), which I recoup selling UFO's and alien tech, causing me to break even. I have nothing left to sell in order to build an interceptor. I could fire scientists/workers, but that would make me even more technically backwards.

Is this game getting harder, or has it changed and I'm now playing it wrong?

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