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Tactics / Re: Favourite Map
« on: September 25, 2014, 11:57:36 pm »
EDIT:  I love this map cause I thought.. no chance.  I had 1 sniper and maybe one other kick ass assault unit.  So when this comes up I am thinking, there is no way I win this.  I won with those and some Mok.. you may not know me but I like knife or mono K knife units.. and to be honest there arn't a lot of damaging weapons that out damage a grenade per TU price..  thats range by movement to kill.  Also the first time I ever meet a Ortnok.. heh I could not get around.. took the hit to deliver the killing blow.  ( +Armour. yes I lost mobility.)

There ARE  maps where your know your screwed.  I thought I had a chance and I saw even more opportunities.  Like I wasn't justt holding myself back v as the map was holding my playstyle back..  and this is a total fan gush.  :) heeh

PSSSSS:  As I was playing I thought I was screwed.  Like I am used to adjusting my play to the map and I usually ship out the crew ship before the interceptor..  This was the first map where I suffered non causality and didn't have to play to it.. like it was so open it played to my style.  Its the cover, the angle coverage.. just options.  The first map I ever thought I could just play as myself and win. Almost Error less.  That Ortnok was against a wall and no movement.. mebbe I can lead it somewhere better?  I rushed it.  Once he fired I was 6TU from being behind him.  I still thinnk.. maybe with more patience.. I could have won without deliberate hit.. but I like it.  The most fucking AWESOME map I have played.

Tactics / Favourite Map
« on: September 25, 2014, 11:43:33 pm »
Alien Base,

  Recently, whilst traipsing through the boonies (the boonies being the areas outside of radar coverage, heh) my transport stumbled upon an alien base.  I just gotta say, this is definitely a pretty sweet map and well worth the build up.  First off, there just wasn't a moment where I felt like I was being coerced into some horribly ugly run-the-gauntlet scenario, of which I was sorta expecting.  Granted it had some very interesting angles and passage-ways but overall I was struck by how comfortable the map felt.  Even though there were areas with rather long line-of-sights, there was always cover of some sort so that even up against multiple lines-of-fire I felt like smart movement would win the day.  Yes I was under fire, yes I was worried bout what was going to show up round corner A and B and then C, yes my head voice was whispering 'all things are going to end terribly terribly wrong' and still I felt like I had plenty of options, real choices, so yeah, I stood a chance. 

  Seriously great map.  Honestly, this is one of my very favourite and expected maps to play.  If you rush the Dam that can also rock.. cover.. that is how I decide my favs..

What are yours?

Discussion / Re: My Let's Play UFO: Alien Invasion 2.5 Series
« on: September 25, 2014, 11:35:08 pm »
Heh.  I hope my formating just not completely abbandon me.  I tried to throw up some ideas to bounce against.  ( You are verbally espressive and showy.. like blah,, beyond what I could effortly mount.)  Umm H-Hour.. threw up a link [ ] and I believe you have more success contributing to its whole. I would hope that you express yourself on this site.

I love the videos and again ty.

flashbangs are still op.. just well here. 
I was even able to pin in place a taman and a shevaar for 14 turns

And yes I do light status should start heavy.. or Rocket Launchers are not worth the effort.. you spend all day just to get into position to FIRE.. so when your light, you starts with a RL it is forced and they have to fire.  2nd turn they are back to light/bonus.. its the best that RF offers without any of those carrying weight penalties.

Shamefacedly I am some video behind.  Sorry for the delay.. I look forward to this.

Discussion / Re: Balancing smoke grenades
« on: September 25, 2014, 11:08:40 pm »
2nd Thought: Am I arguing that smoke should never exist?  Or that it should have no use?
I think we should balance that use, that existence.  Your clairvoyance.. issue makes sense.. should it exist as it does? 

I am balancing against the end and it may just be easier to preempt it.  And that implies that RF is heavily.. or even just against you.  Or that the game should be more accepting of a total loss, in completely f'd conditions.

Discussion / Re: Balancing smoke grenades
« on: September 25, 2014, 10:47:21 pm »
Aliens know where u are. You throw up smoke to dissolve LOS. 

Hiding in that smoke is a separate issue.

Like if they had no clairvoyance.. it would matter less.  Be less noticeable.  But that would not have any effect on the actual experience or power of simply being aBLE to hide ina smoke cloud.

Its not that ppl just now noticed how this works it becomes pop because it works so well in every/all situation.  Is there way to get smoke to have effect onlyl during that turn??? Like less than one turn.   It is effective during it and then blows away.  You cannot hide in it.  In a turn based game this seems complicated.

EDIT: WE know how it should work and take advantage of it. If it is OP then someother function has to keep or value against us taking advantage.. smoke provides an answer for clairvoyance so I don't get why thats a problem.. it works like it should.

Discussion / Re: Balancing smoke grenades
« on: September 25, 2014, 08:24:59 pm »
1 - Applying a penalty to every shot which doesn't have a clear sight.

Absolutely.  We should have the ability to 'paint' a target with a scouting one but not have some dude firing blind just as accurately as if they were seeing what they fire at unless its electronically guided.. but as a part of team dynamics, we should be able to help each other out. 

2 - Making the AI a bit smarter, by giving them a small chance to fire a random shot at a smoke cloud if they don't see any other target

That is a little more difficult.  When you think smoke you think something that hides movement, not that a person hides in it but that they are hiding beyond it and using it to move.  I think Shevaars at least are willing to curb stomp some smoke hiding.. but making smoke less OP should have a greater effect on its current dependance.  I guess I am saying smoke diffuses LOS, and should always do so.  Otherwise you're balancing the game by having something not do something it would really do.. ( and the sole reason for its existence).. you'd be better off removing smoke completely.  The reason your throw up smoke is so that they other force could/will fire, but won't hit cause they can't see or at least have so far reduced odd of hitting that they are effectively firing blind.  It is the hiding in smoke part, sitting there that makes less sense and should be addressed.  Umm the current dev version I believe adds stun value and I havn't played with that yet.  Does anyone know how effective it is? 

Alternatively, if the Aliens are make to fire at smoke then they should always fire at smoke.. regardless of whether you are in it or not.  They always know where you are so this would take some coding.  But you could pop smoke, throw it and have the aliens shoot at it.  As a decoy tactic.  But when they fire, where do they fire?  Centre of mass? so pop two grenades and hide in the limits, or the left right edge of the smoke cloud.  ( Assuming the alien is in front.)  Otherwise they know where you are, always fire right at you and the smoke itself becomes meaningless.  The better idea seems to be like the stun damage, and suggestively move the player out of the smoke, or not to hiding in it in the first place.

Discussion / Re: Recruits
« on: September 25, 2014, 07:48:32 pm »
Well yeah.  The loss of the specialist from 2.4 is really noticeable.  And since I include the fluff text.. it would be nice if every Nation would have its own soldier generating numbers.. like rather than all nations are +-10 at the same values.. ( its not exact that number but all Nations base off of the same system) they could rather generate off of slightly different base values.  Of course Oceania is known by its Navy and there are no Navy forces so what value would you give them?  The flavour text gives each nation an identity but there is no in game mechanic making something of that identity.

The world is a relatively peaceful one and the most active units are more resurgence based and probably against a far less armored / capable or even remotely connected offensive force.  Like solo taking a knife to a gun fight against a posse.

So how would you rate each nation, by what skills do you see all the Nations armed forces focusing on?  Maybe we can get some sort of info table and work towards coding it in..

Discussion / Re: Some thoughts about 2.5...
« on: September 24, 2014, 04:15:14 am »
I have to spam smoke grenades...know smoke is useful..spam smoke every game?  I pop smoke under my feet, move all soldiers inside..It just feels so...unrealistic and no fun

Smoke is awesome in terms of avoiding RF.  Or smoke simply disables Line Of Sight which disables RF.  SO how to maximize it?

Think perspective.. you've seen the Kids in the Hall 'I squash your head'?  The closer you get the bigger, or more important any and all actions are.  So in terms of movement.. the closer you can pop that smoke to the offensive ( and RF target) the more room you have to move. 

Where ) is smoke and > RF   ( Yes i totally picked an image that would suggestively over qualify Smoke v RF... i am biased..although line of sight or field of view does travel iin some straight damn lines.)



That second position is almost completely blinded.  I won't say that you are not better off sleeping in a smoke cloud, but outside of that there are better uses for such a small TU cost.  In terms of mobility.  Your first option should be smoking the RF and moving towards a better offensive position because when you sit.. all enemies fall on you.. they centre towards your mass.  IF you are mobile, they always seek to realign.. you more often meet them one on one rather than allowing them to glom group on you.  IF you have the absolute hidey hole, and civs, this is a killing field they walk into.  When you don't control the setting most times its you being ganged up on from all angles.  I guess in addition to being something to hide in, smoke can be used to GET to the place you want to hide in.  Use a crate not just to hide behind but to diffuse the RF count and double your approach angles.

Smoke makes up for so much of the base maps lack of cover.  Use it like any other cover.  The closer it is the more obstructable ( apparently that is not a word.)  I am not against hiding in smoke.. I don't get why anyone would start there. 

( Complain about lack of cover.. create cover.. and just hide in it.) 

EDIT: I'ma pip. I dance myself into resolution.

Tactics / Re: Flashbang tactics
« on: September 24, 2014, 03:19:02 am »
Just that I get this right - a flashbang disables RF not only for the current and the following turn, but all following ones, basically ?

Yes, that's correct, its basically the same effect as turning RF off in your soldiers, but the AI never turns it on again... mmmm I guess that if the alien becomes shaken afterwards it would enable RF again....

Does that mean they SPEND that TU or just set it aside 'as if' RF was optioned?  My impression is that it seems like the math assumes RF is enabled for all parties so it 'holds' and thus wastes that TU?  Presuming you have RF engaged?

I will of course honorably treat this information with the most respectable of conditions.

Discussion / Recruits
« on: September 24, 2014, 01:16:30 am »
Quote get virtually useless soldiers

I see this a lot so I will post why I think earths forces suck.. with some interpretively 'cherry select' spoilers from the fluff flavour text:

  Its been almost 50 years since the Second Cold War, which was the last major Earth conflict and perhaps for the first time most of the mega-nations are enjoying an extended period of peace and cooperation.  After the Second Cold War the Republic of China has slowly become much friendlier and more and more focused on tech, which is I guess sorta the same path that Japan took after WWII.  That said, The Asian Republic has the Earth's "trained to the highest standard" military force.  Add to that, that it seems like its been decades since most of Earth's military's have been actively involved in any kind of conflict at all.  There has been some sorta moratorium ( not officially stated anywhere but.. have.. you.. SEEN those cars?) on anything remotely war-tech and over all the Earthside forces are really in no position to deal with any occupation force never mind the damned Aliens.

  I am not entirely convinced that Earth's 'Elite' troops are all that elite.  Yes, sure they have training but in actual combat experience they are neon green and at non-Phalanx tech levels ( Phalanx itself having been shelved some time ago and is yet considered more high tech.)  I do doubt current forces are using bows and arrows exactly.. but it is safe to say it's some low level tech shite.

  Story lore wise I see Mumbai as a sorta invasion attack, like full D-Day level aggression.. and we lost.  The Aliens tested us, noticed we had junk and moved their resources around.  ( Who knows how many other non Earth planets they are currently targeting.)  We're no longer considered any kind of real threat so the Alien threat goes from full scale invasion to a less costly ( and just as effective) more exploratory, Plan B.

  Obviously the best thing for the planet would be for Phalanx to sell the pre moratorium old-but-superior tech to the rest of earths forces but mad power hungry Generals being mad power hungry Generals.. that's not happening and hence there is no real cohesive earth side offensive.  We're basically an occupied world that has just barely managed to mount a resistance force ( belatedly) and thus funding, manpower, support are all strongly dependent on showing its effectiveness.  Or some such.

  TL:DR These aren't the soldier recruits the world needs but these are the soldier recruits the world deserves.

Tactics / Re: "Hit the ground" option (Shift + fire)
« on: September 24, 2014, 12:44:29 am »
I think it has something like 4 options.  Press Once: Lower.  Press Twice Higher, Press 3 Times Even Higher and 4x for Reset.

If you go for a POV rather than a over top view, you will see it shift height.

It is also cumulative meaning it does not reset. Hit shift.. switch player and its shift based off of what it you left it.  SO hit one time shift (lower).. switch player hit shift one time( now higher) switch to a 3rd person and hit shift (even higher).  Doesn't reset when you shoot, either adjust it every aim or just reset it.

It also relates to your targeting reticule, or without clicking on a target your mouse will level itself to the terrain.  You can adjust the arc or projectile line by aiming beyond/before a target but the terrain height will alter/change the vertical levels just by itself.

So with a straight projectile, you want a green to red line, red being when it hits on a true path.  If you aim beyond the target you can aim for the sides rather than true mass.  ie instead of shooting through a post you may be able to just get around it.. or Guy on the right you don't want to hit.. aim beyond the target and a lil left.. ( so long as the line goes red at the target.)  So if you miss left.. you miss by a lot but if you miss right.. hopefully you hit the ALiens and not by enough to hit your own soldier.

Tactics / Re: Flashbang tactics
« on: September 24, 2014, 12:12:33 am »
The Radar screen is mapped to 'r' .. It was there in earlier versions.. I think it's the same??

It doesn't orient itself to you, so it is sorta '.. wait what direction is it looking?'.. but once you get used to it, it will show the direction and field of view of the enemy in regards to your units.

Discussion / Re: My Let's Play UFO: Alien Invasion 2.5 Series
« on: August 04, 2014, 02:00:54 am »
Hey, great!  Welcome back good sir.  I just started watching your videos and this maybe presumptuous but I wonder about making use of some of the less used and overlooked items from the game.. if you can highlight them?  Either incorporated into your gameplay or maybe a separate 'Lets Try..' series.  I see that you get around to smoke nades but there are more options.

For example I am personally astounded at the lack of flashbang love.  Consider how many players have difficulty when facing the Reaction Fire of the aliens versus this one item that completely disables it..  Its not clear, I will grant you that.  You have to get the flashbang to land and explode in the aliens field of view and there will be absolutly no indication of whether you have succeeded or not.  Which is not so good.  But if it works you drain the Time Units for that turn PLUS one full turn cycle.  So you flashbang and end your turn --> the alien takes its turn but has no TUs and does nothing --> its now your turn again and the alien still has no TUs and does nothing while you kill it.  So if you have advance units [ light units] you flashbang everything and let your assualt troops [ who are behind/backing up] come in and mop up.  All of that without any threat of alien RF.  At least I'm pretty sure thats how flashbangs work.
Friendly Challenge: You could even go full ninja mode on a base defense.  BOOM One unit.  Light --> MoK knife --> Support nades ( Incendiary, Smoke and Flash).  If it came down to it toss a flash [ remember the aliens position] toss a smoke and kill that bad bad alien even if its in full view of any comrades and by the time they figure out what just happened your already gone.  You probably thinking you wouldn't need that flash but I ask you do you think the alien is just going to let you walk up to it?  [ Okay, so smoke nades done right you shouldn't need the flash at the beginning of your turn but near the end when your low on TU...]  Also you're in trouble? Don't like what you're looking at? Toss a smoke and toss a IC then go find a better position.  The aliens will walk through a smoke nade but they really don't like walking through an IC.  Thats what you call a firewall.
Also Incendiary grenades and rounds plus the Rocket Launcher.  Why no love?  You have a scout / light unit taking advantage of the extra Time Units? Try equipping a Rocket Launcher with your choice of round [ please please be IC] and in your first turn you get a 1 incredible fire and 'forget abbbout' it weapon.  Drop it after that and you're up to light status on your second turn.  You do lose the movement on the first turn though so maybe it works for you or not.  [ 24 TU to fire +1 to drop add 3 if you wanna crouch and you will not have a lot of TU for movement.. but really who needs to crouch; just use shift while aiming and deliberately put that round in the ground if there is no barn to hit]  IC rounds and nades are a great way of persuading the alien that 'you know what?' they really don't want to go that way.  Often in the beginning of a level you are put in a very vulnerable spot and there are way too many openings where aliens can come from.  An IC round from a RL will plug that hole.  Its a seriously massive fire field [ no really, IT IS huge] that will alter the aliens pathfinding.  Is it better than a smoke grenade?  I think it keeps aliens from being in position to take shots at you in the first place.

Note that if you toss a IC nade at an alien they can walk out of it but when they meet a fire effect field by itself they really don't seem to want to cross.  I'm pretty sure I've seen them walk through 2 grids so is 3 grids enough to deter them? Also if you want you can use Grenade Launchers ( IC round) and its timed bouncy bouncy goodness for a more permanent support option if you are worried about arm throw range. [ With the GL you can use shift to aim up plus use objects in line of sight to raise your effective base level ie just aiming up gives you some range whereas bouncing off of an object gives you sooo much more]

Thoughts (First Blood) :
-I think in 2.5 if you set the RF mode first then it will set aside the TU's for it.  You shouldn't really need to use the reservation option at all as its been incorporated into the Reaction Fire system.
-Night missions are just neon circles.  Maybe try not to do them??  I'm sorry but I couldn't see anything.  Although the light effects are truly awesome. :)
-Sniper Weapons have through wall capabilities, you could have taken that shot. Sniper Rifle = 1 wall  EM Bolter Rifle = 2 wall and such
-If you hit ESC from the Battlescape you should be able to change the options.  Most of them don't require a restart.  [ Crouch/Walk]
-Loving the series so far but low weight units [ those with a bright green colour] get extra TU is there a reason you haven't explored or even mentioned this yet?

Discussion / Re: Remaking UI for 2.6 ?
« on: August 04, 2014, 12:17:02 am »
1: From your base you click on the hanger and from that screen you can rename the aircraft.  See pic 1.   --> Although the aircraft same name thing is weirdness I was unaware of..

2: In the pic its A-B-C.  Although it is kinda tiny but there it is. It goes from a dot to a dash.  A to set Reaction Fire.  B for RF options. C for RF firemode.  Compare pic 2a and 2b.

4: When you pick up an item only the appropriate borders will show.  Its not what your used to but if you just started playing its quite intuitive in that you only need to see the border when you have picked something up. Or at least I'm guessing thats the effect that is intended.  But yeah its different.

Discussion / Re: Naming Soldiers
« on: July 31, 2014, 09:04:35 pm »
I still don't know what the problem is.   ???  But you could always just alter the archive itself.  Hopefully this helps.  Is it too late to mention that my technical expertise begins and ends at the power button?  ;D

You have the ufoai..\base\ directories full of various *.pk3 's ?? You have the 7-Zip and Notepad? ( or whatever program you use for compression archives)

Open the ufoai..\base\0ufos.pk3 with 7-Zip and find your way to the team_names.ufo  ( 0ufos.pk3-->\ufos\team_names.ufo )
Which you then open with Notepad and then proceed to copy paste over it with your version.
Save and Exit from Notepad.
7-Zip will then pop-up with an option to update the archive.
Click yes, it saves and that should be it.

In Vista it wouldn't allow me to save it so I moved it but you won't have that problem.  Although I don't know why this would work while the directory hierarchy would not.  ( If you still have a ufoai..\base\ufos\ directory you should need to erase the team_names.ufo from there in order for the game to use the archive one)

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