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Mac / Re: Still no head objects in latest dev PPC build?
« on: October 08, 2011, 02:57:01 pm »
Where I have got with Solaris so far is compiling all the library dependencies thus:

Code: [Select]               

SOme of these already exist in Solaris in various forms, but my aim is to compile a relocatable package
with as few external dependencies as possible.

This is for SPARC Solaris 10, BTW.   I am hung up on some OpenGL libraries, that I think are missing
but I am unsure what to do yet.   So, I have all my support libs done, but no OpenGL support yet.

I might give lua a go - is the lua AI going away in UFO?   If so, I will look at something else.   

Thanks for the git advice - I am old school and just used to tarballs and rcs style stuff.   I do not have a lot of
time to work on these things and git is <ahem> not a career path I have intended to adopt.....  ...I only really
want to learn enough about it to maintain what I have downloaded....  ;)


Mac / Re: Still no head objects in latest dev PPC build?
« on: October 08, 2011, 01:21:41 pm »
Hi Matt,
that did it!  All my troopers now have heads properly placed in the credits and everywhere else!

Also, the save game methods now work correctly.   I saved my game to a slot and it created
the appropriate label and there were no corruption error messages on the console.
Loading the game, the label text was correct and the slot loaded correctly.

I seem to have a very fast, playable version of the game now!

I will compile this and bundle it up and upload it somewhere if anyone wants it or they
should possibly use your one.   My G5 has NVidia graphics, I do not know if this makes a difference?

I will now try to track the 2.4-dev build and keep it up to date, but I need advice about this. 
I do not like having to spend more time figuring git out than I do compiling and tweaking.
Perhaps we need some of this in the FAQ etc as I find the existing documentation a bit confusing.

BTW, I did not know this game used lua.   I was thinking of studying it as a side exercise and then realised
UFO used it.  Is there anything that needs lua work done that would be a good learning method?

For now, I am happy to prove the 2.4 dev build is working OK on PPC and I will try to find time
for a Solaris version, but I think I am having trouble with GLext and OpenGL there.


Mac / Re: Still no head objects in latest dev PPC build?
« on: October 08, 2011, 04:24:54 am »
you mention "cleanly rebuilt".   I have done the following:

1) make clean
2) make clean-mdx
3) rm *.pk3

I did not delete the maps or lang data.

I do not seem to be able to run "configure" and create a Makefile now - the configure runs correctly but
does not output a Makefile, so I used my previous one that compiled cleanly before.

I am going to delete/move various files and git them back then recompile again.

I will get back to you after I have messed around a bit.     The game compiles with very few warnings and
no errors except the GLSL shaders.   It is just the heads!


Mac / Re: Still no head objects in latest dev PPC build?
« on: October 07, 2011, 03:35:25 pm »
Here is a quick snap of the Credits.   It is the same symptom in the maps and dialogs.

I just ran make models and pk3 again after cleaning them and the same problem
after it completes.

Mac / Re: Still no head objects in latest dev PPC build?
« on: October 07, 2011, 02:34:52 pm »
Hi Matt,
as luck would have it, I just fetched back the latest update and recompiled - then I saw these
posts today and ran git fetch once more and got a handful of objects back.

Now, I seem to have some weapon effects and the alien in the Africa map
had a head, but my troopers still did not, on the map, in the gui or in the credits.
I can see a "phantom" head flickering in the credits, but it is in the wrong place.

Do I need to make models again?   I should just run make models-clean or something
to elicit this?

Otherwise the game seems to load *much* faster and once it is running is definitely very smooth.


Mac / Re: Still no head objects in latest dev PPC build?
« on: October 03, 2011, 09:21:20 am »
the head of the trooper is rendered in the main screen, eg in the top left corner,
but on the map, the body of the trooper is rendered without a head. Also, if I click
on the credits, all the troopers are standing/kneeling, but without heads.
In various dialogues, the trooper has no head, either.

I examined a jpeg file and it had a face, with sides and a hat/hair which I assume
is the texture, so I know all the bits are there.

What next? This is a full build on PPC, debug with all the maps, models etc compiled
 on my machine, to see if it would fix the missing head problem.   Is there a ufo utility
command that would work like make models but just for the heads, so we can see what
is going on?  Note this is the same, as previously menitoned, for the weapon particle
stuff etc...


Mac / Still no head objects in latest dev PPC build?
« on: October 03, 2011, 06:01:38 am »
I finally got the source home this weekend and built the game from scratch again.
It took 60 hours on my PPC G5 2.3 to build all the maps and models from source.

But I have just run the game after this and all the heads of the soldiers and aliens are
still missing.    I know the files are there, but I do not know how to solve this one.
Likewise the particle/weapon effects are missing.

The game plays well in every other respect, but I do not know how to get these minor
errors resolved.

Please let me know exactly what files I need to look for, what I need to do with them
and where they should go.   I actually saw the build of the object files refer directly to stuff like
"soldiermale/head" and so on, so I know its there somewhere.

Please help!


Mac / Re: bugs (in Mac version at least)
« on: September 27, 2011, 03:53:24 am »
./base/ufos/ and ./base/ufos/ui -- but most likely, you already got them there (considering your build is able to load maps and textures, which are also in the various ./base/ subdirectories)

Soooooo,  in the hope of getting the exact answer..... ......what is the exact name of the files that contains the heads of the troopers and aliens, particles etc?

I have been through my 2.4 source tree and know I have a lot of .ufo files under the base directory.   
But I do not know what files are actually missing.     So this is why I tried to "git" the latest repo in the hope of getting the heads and instead going down the twisty little path into git-mania
which is in fact making me sick again with anxiety.

So given this is failing and I have an almost working game, to paraphrase a great philosopher - "can I please just have the heads"?  (and the particle files) and information
on how to make these appear in the game?

The 2.3.1 version seems well equipped with heads and particles etc......


Mac / Gitting the source part deux
« on: September 27, 2011, 03:47:20 am »
well I am trying to git an update of my source code.

Let me give a background first.

I am in Australia and I have what we call a "broadband" connection
here, but in other parts of the world, it would be called a glorified modem

This works fine for most things, but a combination of a slow link, latency
and the fact that git is ostensibly evil is stopping me from doing
what I would like.

I came into work and pulled the repo for UFO-2.4 there.  It took 4 goes
and by watching the direction of the wind and holding my tongue right,
I got a repo.

Then I packed the massive git files (I do not know what they do),
and all the source onto 2 2Gb USB sticks and unpacked it all on my

For a couple of days, "git fetch" was happily updating my source
tree, in under a minute.

Now, I went to get an update on the weekend, then yesterday and now today.
The repo has obviously updated considerably, because it is gigantic again.

So, now I am in the odious position of timeouts, not being able to
update my sources and eating into my broadband capacity as I magically
download 500-1Gb of source and then watch it disconnect due to some
remote issue.  Of course the downloaded files just become vapour.

So, if anyone has the latest repo, data/base files etc, in a tarball
that I can download, please let me know.   

I am not happy with git - I liked SVN a lot better and actually started
learning it until git became the trendy and not so good alternative.

If anyone has an SVN repo for 2.4 the same, I would be happy to try that.

But please tell me how to just update the source tree in a nice
way that doesn't mean eating into my capacity with failed retries

frustrated gitiot

Mac / Re: bugs (in Mac version at least)
« on: September 24, 2011, 04:33:21 am »
Thanks for your input. 
How do I get these .ufo files onto my system in the right place?
I seem to have them in source tree but how do I set them up correctly?

I am running make macinstaller to see if it picks up the correct data.


Mac / Re: bugs (in Mac version at least)
« on: September 23, 2011, 01:42:44 pm »
further playing around tonight and I realise that none of the troopers or NPC's in the tactical maps have heads
either.   They are all quite literally headless. 

Any ideas?


Mac / Re: bugs (in Mac version at least)
« on: September 23, 2011, 01:22:02 pm »
here is my savegame and other files - I could not find the multiplayer file or I do not know the name!

The files are from the 2.4-DEV release pulled down this week and compiled.
I have not modified the code in any way, just some of the local make config settings.

Please let me know if you want anything else.....


Mac / Re: bugs (in Mac version at least)
« on: September 23, 2011, 03:02:37 am »
I have played with my 2.4-DEV PPC version for a couple of nights now.
Apart from the GL shading problems I noted the following bugs, but I am not sure if they are intentional, just not done yet or actual issues.

First one is that the mouseover "hover" text in various locations is not displayed correctly.   In the 2.3.1 version I seem to recall these
little tool tips were encapsulated in a box with a slight background and made easier to read.   In the 2.4 version, it is just the text
strings and so you get cases where you cannot read the text in the tooltip because there is other text behind it.

Second problem appears in the tactical maps.   If I shoot at an alien, there is no weapon sound, no "tracer" of a projectile and
no animation of an impact etc.    A flamethrower doesn't produce any flames or anything.  There's no indication of a hit
or anything - if I kill an alien, it will scream and die, but it seems there is something missing.   Reaction fire from an alien happens
almost instantly, so it looked like in many cases, I would line up a shot and click the mouse and the alien would shoot back
in the same instant, so it looks like my trooper shot himself!     So I do not know if these are bugs or just not coded yet.
The action of an alien or trooper dying seems to still work, but there's no gratifying Kaboom.
Also, in the Credits view, there's  a collection of troopers, some great music and their names.    They are all headless warriors however,
so they look a bit weird.   Please supply heads for these brave troopers!

Thirdly, as mentioned previously, the Save game slots do not display any text, but appear to save/load just fine in spite of a "save slot corrupted" message.

Lastly,  enabling any GL features "not supported" will overload my G5, the fans kick in and the mouse cursor becomes very unresponsive.
I work around this one by not selecting any too-hard features in the graphics control panel, which seems to have lost a few options since 2.3.1.

The last time I did the 2.4 build was early this year and it ran very badly on the PPC G5.    This one seems to run a lot better, so I say it is getting there..... ;)

If anyone wants a copy of my game build, please let me know and I will see what can be done to upload it somewhere.   I have a fully packaged binary,
relocatable to any 10.5. PPC system.


Mac / PPC Build of 2.4 DEV
« on: September 20, 2011, 07:35:52 am »
I have finally got a compiled version of the 2.4 DEV on PPC.

I have noted a couple of issues, but nothing that stops the game from working on this system at least.
It looks great and runs quite smoothly.

First of all, the Save Game function will save my game, but the text of the named slot does not appear.
The console reports the slot is corrupted but the save files are present.

When I restart the game cold, the slots appear to be empty but load the save game just fine,
only the text is missing in the dialog.

Second problem is I can't use GL Shaders in this version - it seemed OK in 2.3 if I limited them

The error I get is:

disabled shaders because they failed to compile

But this worked OK on the 2.3.1 build (I think).
I have checked my system and the extension is present:

glxinfo| grep GL_ARB_draw_buffers
    GL_ARB_pixel_buffer_object, GL_ARB_draw_buffers,

So I wonder what is up with that?

Please tell me what to upload for your information and I will do it tonight.

Also, if I can get a complete build of this working, would anyone want a 2.4 PPC Installer?   Where to upload it?
I uploaded the 2.3.1 PPC build to Google docs, but I have no more space.

Does anyone even want the PPC build?


Mac / Re: Obtaining the source
« on: September 08, 2011, 08:07:45 am »
A 2.4-dev build? Could you then help us with big-endian savegame issue? I would really like to fix for the next release.


I am going to attempt a 2.4 build on leopard PPC shortly.
I have to move the code around on too small USB sticks, so it is annoying but I am almost
ready to try.   I will post here with more info when I have something to show...

Meanwhile, a Solaris 10 2.3.1 build for SPARC  is on the way!  I have nearly finished compiling
all the dependencies, so it is packaged to run cleanly.   I do not know who will want this,
but it is extreme nerdniness and someone will thank me later...


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