UGV Equipment/Proposed/Alien UGV Armour

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Alien Plating offers the same trade-off as Heavy Armour. However, Alien Plating makes Heavy Armour obsolete since it offers the most protection out of any of the UGV armours. This armour should have more to offer the Ares than the Phoenix since the Phoenix is made using Alien Materials, however the Phoenix can still benefit from this as a layer of additional armour.

Battle Implications

In combat Alien Plating will provide the UGV with excellent protection. The UGV will use more TUs to move the same distance verses other armour types. It could have less of a movement penalty than Heavy Armour or it could be the same. The number of TUs for firing weapons will remain the same. Reaction time will also remain the same.

Research Tree Data


  • At least one UGV must have received damage and survived
  • Alien Materials