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entities.ufo defines keys and values for use in map files. It is used by UFORadiant and ufo2map. The basic layout of an entity is like this.

entity entity_name {
	key1	"value1"
	key2	"value2"

	mandatory {
		key3	"description3"

	optional {
		key4	"description4"

	default {
		key5	"defualt5"

	type {
		key6	V_type6
  • keys not in a sub-block (key1, key2) are used in UFORadiant exclusively
  • entities are not valid without mandatory keys (and will be deleted by ufo2map -fix unless a defualt is available)
  • optional keys, are erm, optional
  • key5 should be a repeat of key3 or key4, and a default value provided.
  • key6 must be a repeat of key1-4 (though the blocks may be in any order)
  • if no type is given, the default in V_STRING


an example showing all the features of types. 3 and 6 are the number of elements in the vectors.

type {
	key1	"V_FLOAT"
	key2	"V_INT"
	key3	"V_INT 3"
	key4	"V_FLOAT 6"
	key5	"V_STRING"