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Gory Details about Accuracy

The formula for weapon accuracy is the only one not strictly linear:

GET_ACC( ab, sk )     
  ((1.5 - (float)(ab)/MAX_SKILL) * pow(0.8, (sk)/50) )

where ab is the basic attribute (e.g., accuracy), sk is weapon skill (e.g. sniper weapon skill), MAX_SKILL is 256, pow(b,p) is b to power p. By the GET_ACC value one multiplies the spread angles that indicate how much off target the shot goes. Therefore the higher GET_ACC, the worse accuracy.

Let ab = 100 and sk = 50; then GET_ACC( ab, sk ) = 0.89. Let ab = 50 and sk = 100; then GET_ACC( ab, sk ) = 0.83. This indicates that weapon skill has bigger impact, as expected.


Is possible add [planned] pilot skills here too ?