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Agree on everything here, except the (I presume out date) references to TUs deducted from next turn. This would be a very good implementation of timing for RF.

Additionally, RF against enemies that was detected with IR-googles previous round should count the TU's for all actions of the enemy even before there is a direct line of sight to him. Logically that would make sense since if you KNOW there is an alien on the other side of the wall, can even see him moving towards you, there are no civilians, then you should be able to squeze that trigger the very split second the alien comes around the corner. However implementing the IR-google thing has lower priority than fixing up the rest of the RF calculations as described before. --Stedevil 01:56, 24 June 2008 (CEST)

I Believe the Reaction fire setting should be automatic, and although sounding old fashioned i like the idea.

With the current Reaction fire system you must set points during your turn and move or shoot as normal. the TUs you used are taken up by the reaction fire if an alien comes into your vision and you shoot at it. the problem as i see it however is that it uses up those TUs aswell as the next turns TUs. I dislike it, even though it has some logical explanation. I propose that Reaction fire be implemented as an automatic system, using TUs leftover from the units actions. the firing cost would also have to be lowered slightly, accounting for the low amount of leftover TUs units carry at the end of the turn.

This proposal could considerably improve or worsen the game, but it could be a nice tradeoff for some or most players.