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  • [done] slots for equipement per aircraft
  • every aircraft definition in aircraftmanagement.ufo should have defined amount (and maybe position in aircraft equip menu?) of slots for additional equipement; moreover, the weapon slot should have additional parameter called weight, with possible values: light, medium, heavy, which will be used in aircraft weapons assigning; an example:
aircraft craft_interceptor {
shield    1
weapon    1 light
weapon    1 medium
electronic 1
  • [done] introduce parameters of an aircraft
  • aircraft definition in aircraftmanagement.ufo should have parameters with default values; those parameters are:
//      range - the range of the aircraft, which tells how far aircraft can fly
//      wrange - the range of the weapon, which tells the minimum distance
 of opening fire
//      speed - the speed of the aircraft, which tells how fast the aircraft is
//      shield - the parameter of aircraft armour, which tells aircraft's protection
//      ecm - the parameter of electronic level at aircraft, the bigger, the
 lower possibility to hit by enemy
//      damage - the parameter of weapon power, which tells how much damage
 such aircraft can do
//      accuracy - the parameter of weapon accuracy, the bigger, the bigger
 possibility to hit an enemy
  • an example of aircraft entry in aircraftmanagement.ufo:
aircraft craft_interceptor {
range   800
wrange    0 /* no weapon by default */
speed   120
shield    0 /* no shield by default */
ecm       0 /* no ecm by default */
damage  100
accuracy  0 /* no weapon by default */
  • Imo these values should be inherited from the aircraft item. The values are all 0 by default (due to memset) and should only be filled if e.g. the aircraft definition tell us to load a weapon by default. It isn't a good idea to add all these 0 values to the script files - very error prone imo. --Mattn 07:33, 27 May 2007 (CEST)
  • I agree - for these which depends on aircraft items; for example speed value is defined per aircraft by default too (without aircraft items)--Zenerka 09:30, 28 May 2007 (CEST)
  • [done] new struct, a member of aircraft_t
typedef enum {
} craftparameters_t;

typedef struct craftstats_s {
craftparameters_t parameter;
int value;
} craftstats_t;

typedef struct aircraft_s {
craftstats_t craftstats;
} aircraft_t;
  • [done] the code to adding or removing an equipement in aircraft equip menu - use craftitem type to put it to proper slot; use weapon weight to put it to proper weapon slot
  • [done] the code to calculate (craftstats_t) when adding or removing an equipement in aircraft equip menu
  • [done] in the long run, of course, use craftstats_t at airfights