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Software Requirements

  • Windows XP (older versions are not supported)
  • Linux
  • MacOSX

Minimum Hardware Requirements

See Talk:FAQ for several examples of system specs that work. Based on the comments there, it's likely that you could go a bit lower and still be ok.

The lowest common denominator posted so far seems to be about:

  • CPU: 500MHz
  • RAM: 128MB
  • Video Card: 32MB (must have 3D acceleration)

Suggested Hardware

  • RAM: 512MB

What doesn't work


  • This maybe needs update - intel card users, please test latest revision in trunk
    • The Intel i810 Linux video driver unfortunately lacks several features and is at this point not usable for UFO:AI
    • The Intel 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics Controller Linux video driver unfortunately does not work.
    • The Intel G965 works, but you need to start it with ./ufo +set r_programs 0, otherwise it will crash at start (as of r29155, 2010-03-27)