UFO: Alien Invasion 2.1.1 (Released: 2007-05-01)


  • Added missing scrolling for Buy/Sell menu.
  • Enhanced buytypes for items and aircraft and fixed multiple buytypes problem.
  • Removed not used UGVs which sometimes could produce crash.
  • Fixed music definitions for missions.
  • Several bugfixes and enhancements to make usage of Reaction-fire more stable/usable.
  • Fixed multiplayer gametype definitions.
  • Fixed integrated IRC client behaviour, including sending messages to the channel.
  • Various fixes related to aircraft selling.
  • Moving inventory between containers now removes moved inventory as well.
  • Grenade trajectory now turns to red on obstacles.
  • Various mapfixes.


  • Balancing: Multi Reactionfire now costs 14TUs instead of 7. This is a temporary thing, read the "gameplay" section of Proposals for more.
  • Implemented sv_roundtimelimit cvar to set the maximum time a team has to finish their round in multiplayer.
  • Completely rewritten saving and loading system.
  • Finished implementation of Flashbang - now Flashbangs will disable enemy reactionfire as well.
  • Reintroduced employees renaming again.
  • Hire menu and Team Select menu now shows Health bar as well.
  • Heavily improved chat subsystem for multiplayer as well as Multiplayer Team Selection menu.
  • Improved describing weapons and ammo in UFOpedia and other menus, including displaying firemodes.
  • Added multiplayer server password protection.


  • More new weapon sounds thanks to Alex Parker