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Author: Winter (talk, contrib)

Blueprints -- Training Simulator


PHALANX Extraterrestrial Response Unit

Construction Precis, Sigma Clearance -- Commander's Eyes Only

Filed: 17 March 2084

By: Cdr. Paul Navarre, R&D: Engineering Division, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command


The latest advances in virtual-reality simulation and holographic projectors come together in our Training Simulator. When linked with the Command Centre mainframe, this facility can recreate any emergency or tactical situation down to the smallest detail. The simulations are fully convincing and can become so intense that all our personnel must be psychologically certified to prove they're able to handle the drills.

The Training Simulator plays a major part in the daily lives of our soldiers. On an ordinary day, battle-ready troops will spend approximately 6 out of 20 duty hours in the simulator. This will increase their skills over time and raise their readiness for combat against alien opponents. The simulator does the same thing for our pilots, equipped with an electronic cockpit and a special pressure suit that realistically simulates gee stresses for a 100% accurate simulation of air combat based on our best estimate of UFO capabilities.

The simulator contains approximations of several recorded scenarios from Mumbai, which are -- as of this writing -- the only infantry combat experiences we've had with the alien threat. Other scenarios have been created whole cloth, the aliens commanded either by combat instructors or an artificial intelligence program designed to emulate alien behaviour and tactics that we've observed.

Unfortunately, our simulation options are limited by our lack of experience fighting aliens. So far we have only encountered the one alien race, the 'greys', and the robotic spiders we've seen on camera. Both types of alien are highly dangerous and have tremendously outperformed human troops during the engagements we've recorded. Worse, there may be more types of alien we have not yet seen and about whom we would have no tactical data. The relative performance of our troops may be impaired until we can build up a larger body of experience about how alien squads operate and communicate, and perhaps discover their goals and intentions for Earth.

All engagements involving PHALANX troops are recorded via cameras and will be turned into simulator scenarios where possible. It is highly effective for our soldiers to relive an engagement and see where they may have made mistakes or could have been more effective, and for new recruits to learn from our amassed experience.

Recommended Doctrine

Any base housing an armed response team needs a Training Simulator. The simulator is absolutely vital for nurturing and maintaining our soldiers' combat skills and physical fitness. The simulator also develops the soldier's individual talents and assists in understanding his or her combat experiences. Without proper training, our troops don't stand a chance of surviving in the field.

The Training Simulator will be a minor risk during a base attack. It would be expensive to repair, yes, but both tactically and strategically it has little value to an attacker. It stores no volatiles or live munitions, and shutting it down while being repaired would not significantly impede our operations.