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Hi. Usually a "/" mean the article is a sub page of something called UFORadiant. But it is not the case. Then usually we prefer using a name like Installation of UFORadiant cause it is more easy to use in sentences. Bayo 22:56, 21 April 2012 (SAST)

  • Hello Bayo. I wanted to sort things in the mapping section (this is really necessary), but I have no experience in this. I always try to give my best and not break things. But it does not go well all the time. Sorry for the additional work you had with this, and also Thanks for your help. ShipIt 10:52, 22 April 2012 (SAST)

Impressions / Notes from playing the campaign in 2.4

I did not take notes on this, wich was kinda dumb. So I can only put in some remarkable thoughts here.

  • One overall impression is, the game starts too slow (4 weeks until reaserch of Continious Wave Laser Operation is finished) and ist too fast in the end (only few days to research Man Portable Particle Beams).
  • The Funding did go up for only five or six month, reaching the limit there. Did not like that. Increase in funds is some kind of reward for good performance in the game. This should not end after just few month. The funding could increase more slowly instead.
  • In the end of 2.4 (should be mid-to-late game in final version) the expenses exceed the funding by far. Might be because storing AM is very expensive and I had a lot of it. But at some point the player will not be able to make investments anymore and will get stuck (if funding + income = expenses). Imo the game should not force the player to get his income by selling stuff. The funding should at least pay for the major part of expenses.
  • In the end I had only two Stingray, but huge amounts of antimatter stored.
  • With specialized bases, researching high end tech is easy. It takes only few days to reseach highly advanced alien stuff, like PB weaponry. There were even some weeks were I could not research anything.
  • The appearance of armoured ortnoks is too early in game. Without the EM-Rifle in 2.5 this might be problematic. Maybe (like H-Hour mentioned) the order of appearence should be changed.
    • Taman - Bloodspider - Ortnok - Armoured Taman - Sheevar - Armoured Ortnok ?
      • I would be tempted to switch unarmoured Ortnok and Sheevar, because Sheevar can never get armor. They feel like a good progression from Taman -- stronger but not as strong as Ortnok. --H-hour 11:46, 21 May 2012 (SAST)
      • I just had the feeling the Sheevar are more dangerous. But it might depend on playing style. I would also go with your opinion. ShipIt 18:27, 21 May 2012 (SAST)
  • Weaponry - I do not like the overall approach here. Aliens have plasma rifle - we have plasma rifle, aliens have PB-Pistol - we have have PB Pistol. After the removal of the EM-Rifle there is no more difference. Out of the plasma weapons humans should learn to build better weapons for humans.
    • Humans have Snipers - aliens should have a similar unique unit too.
      • Needlers once played this role. Perhaps we can come up with something new? Or were you thinking a new alien race? --H-hour 11:46, 21 May 2012 (SAST)
      • Sniper Rifle (and addtional the longer range of the GL in 2.5) give humans a significant advantage in long-distance-fight. I thought there should be compensation for this in some way. ShipIt 18:33, 21 May 2012 (SAST)
  • The superiour technology should give aliens a longer lasting advantage. Especially in mid-to-late game (Needlers, PB-Weapons) the player is able to use the alien technology for his own purpose too easylie.
  • The game rarely 'rewards' the player. A point based Victory screen, cut scenes and stuff like that are missing.
  • The relationship between Phalanx and the funding Nations is a riddle. What happens, why did it happen? is never shown nor explained to the player.

Impressions / Notes from playing the campaign in 2.5-dev

  • Map selection is much better now. Six missions, six different maps is great. Though, we need to find a way to preserve some maps for terror missions to give the player a special feel there.
  • Weapons are ok so far. I had a lot of concerns, actually it is lot of fun, because the need to adjust tactics.
  • have the second base up and running (one stiletto + dropship) in the mid of second month (April 15) 16 soldiers available
    • but still not even the first research (Continious Wave Laser) finished, making the laser pistol nearly obsolete before it becomes researchable? Because I already have plasma pistols recovered.
      • I noticed the same thing. Serious problem in early-game. --H-hour 11:46, 21 May 2012 (SAST) (Hope you don't mind me commenting on your talk page. Feel free to remove.)
      • Your opinion is very welcome here. ShipIt 06:33, 22 May 2012 (SAST)
  • How about some reversed engineering. As stated in Proposals/Tech Tree Adjustments we have a somewhat linear Tech Tree. If Aliens show up with Armour, we research Armour and make our own. We could research some armour piercing weapon/ammo for existing weapons instead. On the other hand, new alien weapons could be a reason to upgrade the existing armour.
  • The Submachine Gun needs more the two consecutive 5-round-bursts to kill an unarmoured Taman, standing on the square next to the target.
  • The Assault Rifle - a 3-round-burst is killing a Taman with an Alien Body Armour. The Alien Body Armour imo should make the initial Phalanx equipment mostly obsolete.

Bookmarks for the 2.5 campaign

  • 2084 May 1st
    • Missions 15
    • Bases 2
    • Costs 180.275
    • Funding 526.478
    • UFO-Yards 1
    • Soldiers 22/16
    • Scientists 27/10
    • Workers 32/0
    • Pilots 12/5

  • 2084 June 1st
    • Missions 39
    • Bases 3
    • Costs 229.875
    • Funding 640.142
    • UFO-Yards 2
    • Soldiers 36/19
    • Scientists 40/10
    • Workers 47/0
    • Pilots 18/6

  • 2084 July 1st
    • Missions 61
    • Bases 3
    • Costs 310.200
    • Funding 726.400
    • UFO-Yards 5
    • Soldiers 57/26
    • Scientists 54/40
    • Workers 62/10
    • Pilots 27/8

City Map Project

I'm sure you've probably already thought of this, but I wanted to mention that a UFO will almost never crash in an urban population area. This means that a large city map will almost exclusively occur with landed Terror missions (maybe XVI/Harvest, but I don't think they pick a city target). Avoiding the crashed UFOs will save you a LOT of work. You could at least postpone them to the end. Also, you might consider whether it's worth having even the landed UFOs. Making room for a Bomber, Gunboat or Corrupter all take up more than a 4x4 RMA grid, which can make difficulties for layout planning. It also means that, in the late game, a player will spend a lot of his time fighting inside the UFOs, which all have the same layout. Making Terror missions not have the UFO seems plausible (the UFO has landed off-map, since cities don't have clear landing spaces). It also would allow the player to enjoy the diversity of the map rather than spending his time clearing yet another large UFO. Again, both of these points are just things to consider. You probably already have, but I thought I'd mention them as they may make things a bit easier. --H-hour 16:36, 10 October 2012 (SAST)

  • Thanks for your feedback. My thoughts were indeed like yours, although I was not sure about the UFOs for the certain mission types. Because we do not have a lot of maps for those UFOs yet, I wanted to start with a map for the Corrupter and Bomber UFO, with the intention to have one assembly were the UFO is shown and another, smaller one, without UFO. After this, we´ll see. --ShipIt 18:01, 10 October 2012 (SAST)

I saw a mall todo point - please keep in mind that H-hour has already started another building that should have become a mall or something like that - i'm almost sure it's in datasource