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I'm a Freelance Computer Service Technician. I am also a (returned) student of Western Michigan University, currently on my last full year of a CIS Degree.

I've been training in grappling nearly half of my life, and have trained extensively in Amateur Wrestling (mostly Folkstyle Wrestling), Sambo, Judo, Brazilian Jujitsu and Submission wrestling.

Besides those Grappling Arts, I was a part time member of a University Boxing Team and Trained under Muay Thai and San Shou instructors.

One of my Favorite Sports is Mixed Martial Arts a sport I've followed since near it's very inception back with UFC 2. I also participate in Mixed Martial Arts matches and have a record of 2-0, both wins in under 1 minute.

Additionally, I am a bit of a gun nut, having studied firearms most of my life, from types of ammo, to ballistics to how weapons handle.

Finally, of relevance here, I've worked on the X-Com mod Equal Terms (now version 2.1) located here: http://www.strategycore.co.uk/files/index.php?dlid=477