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Maintenance / Modifications

  • Lots of textures to replace those without appropriate licenses
  • Texture work on new Stiletto File:New_Stiletto.jpg
  • Map errors
  • Weapon and campaign balance

Work in Progress

Wish List / Proposals

Planned Projects

  • Crashed Carrier UFO map Storyline_Missions UFO/Carrier
  • Large city RMA. Have some ideas, but it's a big project that needs to be done right. Don't know when it will happen if it ever does.

Personal 2.5 TODO list

  • [open] Campaign balancing
    • [done] Schedule appearance of aliens, weapons and UFOs
    • [done] Balance weapons and aliens; aircraft weapons and UFOs
      • [done] Make sure each aircraft can compete and is worth buying when it is introduced
      • [done] Adjust laser timing and damage
      • [done] Check human armour resistances for balance with new campaign schedule.
      • [done] Adjust alien team sizes and available recruits to match staging
      • [open] Notes to consider from ShipIt
        • [open] Should I remove Ortnoks from workers and better manage equipment so that they don't arrive with light armour at first?
        • [open] Is the transition from one stage to another to sudden? Should we smooth this by overlapping some interest settings in the alienteam_missions.ufo?
        • [open] Differentiate equipment for alien teams (scouts, workers, soldiers) and make most deadly only in soldiers?
      • [done] Check if aliens will use their stun grenade. If not, remove it from equipment sets.
      • [done] Adjust XVI timing.
      • [done] Adjust base building timing.
      • [done] Particles and needlers
    • [done] Modify research tree paths
      • [done] Add missing items
        • [done] Alien Polymer Armour
        • [done] Alien EW (craft item)
        • [done] Advanced Alien Propulsion
        • [done] Antimatter Bolter Ammo (model provided)
        • [done] Hybrid Missile
        • [done] Hybrid Rocket for RPG
        • [done] Encased Plasma Round
          • [open] Could we create separate UFOPedia entries for each ammo type? Right now, after researching, the player can not check about the statistics for the ammo. He needs to produce one item and look at the statistics in the Buy/Sell window to find out.
          • [open] Check item costs. 1.500 c for the Assault Rifle ammo seems high, although reasonable. But only 85/65 c for the Sniper/MG ammo?
      • [done] Modify research times
      • [done] Determine and implement proper storyline research paths
        • [open] Alien base discovery should pop up a message.
        • [open] XVI map should not be available until rs_xvi_census is researched.
      • [done] Get Orbital UFO Activity from Bomber?
    • [done] Adjust disassembly times, volume of antimatter/alien materials received, and antimatter fuel costs for advanced interceptors/dropships.
      • [done] Check profit margins on sale of antimatter/alien materials.
  • [done] Adjust equipment weight values
    • [done] Review alien weight/equipment and TUs
  • [open] Add crashed ufo tiles
    • [open] Check on gunboat status
    • [open] Enough corrupter tiles?
  • [done] Configure UFO spawning chances to average about 100 UFOs in 13 months.
  • [open] Give RMAs a mission briefing.
  • [open] AI kind of craps out in big windows around alien base hub tile. Keeps shooting through them. Maybe make them func_breakables if it doesn't cause too much delay when shot.
    • The AI *should* avoid trying to shoot through bulletproof windows and such now (as of b8e8fec7) - not heavily tested --DarkRain 02:30, 4 March 2013 (SAST)
  • [open] Research text for pbeam cannon (and possibly other pbeams) assumes the ammo has not yet been researched.
  • [WIP] Test appearance of Alien EW. ShipIt says it is equipabble without researching as soon as it appears from a disassembled craft.
    • Couldn't reproduce, pm out to shipit.
  • [open] Advanced Alien Propulsion doesn´t show a price in the Buy/Sell menu. I checked the aircraftmanagement.ufo, it seems fine there. --ShipIt 12:02, 9 December 2012 (SAST)
  • [open] The Buy/Sell menu doen´t show the pictures for Advanced Alien Propulsion and Alien Astrogation. Maybe this changes once I have them researched - will check. --ShipIt 12:21, 9 December 2012 (SAST)
  • [open] The research text for Combat Hovernet heavily relies on the one for the Hovernet. It implies the player has already completed the Hovernet autopsy, which might not be true. Maybe we should consider to add Hovernet autopsy as a prerequisite for the research of the Advanced Hovernet? Maybe the same is true for Bloodspider - Combat bloodspider. --ShipIt 21:35, 29 November 2012 (SAST)
  • [open] Check out report of base laser problems.,7321.msg57228.html#msg57228
  • [open] Live Alien research problems?,7378.msg57413.html#msg57413
  • [open] Figure out how to change the equipment available in skirmish/multiplayer
  • [open] Check for possible weight system exploit: if a soldier drops a heavy weapon at the end of the turn, then picks it up at the start of the next turn, can they gain TU that way? Might be hard with armour to make it meaningful, but might be possible.
  • [open] Integrate alien infiltration tech image,7551.0.html
  • [open] Integrate man-portable particle beams tech image,6868.msg58630.html#msg58630
  • [open] Does the XVI map appear too early? Check Universal Serum as well. User reported seeing it early.

Items delayed to 2.6