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Maintenance / Modifications

  • Lots of textures to replace those without appropriate licenses
  • Texture work on new Stiletto File:New_Stiletto.jpg
  • Map errors

Work in Progress

Wish List / Proposals

Planned Projects

  • Crashed Carrier UFO map Storyline_Missions UFO/Carrier
  • Large city RMA. Have some ideas, but it's a big project that needs to be done right. Don't know when it will happen if it ever does.

Personal 2.5 TODO list

  • [open] Campaign balancing
    • [open] Production/Market Balance forum: description
    • [done] Schedule appearance of aliens, weapons and UFOs
    • [open] Balance weapons and aliens; aircraft weapons and UFOs
      • [done] Check introduction of alien antimatter aircraft weapon
      • [done] Make sure each aircraft can compete and is worth buying when it is introduced
      • [done] Adjust laser timing and damage
      • [done] Ensure all aircraft and UFO research techs match actual capabilities
      • [done] Rename hangars now that all interceptors/dropships use small/large hangars.
      • [open] Check human armour resistances for balance with new campaign schedule.
      • [open] Adjust alien team sizes and available recruits to match staging
        • [done] Add campaign scriptable property employeerate (float)
        • [open] Use employeerate in cp_nation.cpp NAT_HandleBudget() for each employee type.
        • [open] Rationalize calls to stats->happiness in NAT_HandleBudget so all employees use the same number of calls.
        • [open] Adjust nation employee values after changes above implemented to make a more even distribution, less focused on central asia.
      • [open] Check if aliens will use their stun grenade. If not, remove it from equipment sets.
      • [open] When does alien interest in an XVI mission begin to increase? Save game from 2.5 shows 0 interest in that mission type after 7 months.
      • [open] Same as above but for base building.
    • [done] Modify research tree paths
      • [open] Add missing items
        • [open] Alien Polymer Armour
        • [open] Alien EW (craft item)
        • [open] Advanced Alien Propulsion
        • [open] Check research paths, texts, etc. for aircraft alien missile launcher, antimatter missile and hybrid missile.
      • [open] Modify research times
      • [open] Determine and implement proper storyline research paths
        • [open] When is rs_alien_xvi_event triggered?
        • [open] When is rs_alien_psi_device triggered? (When player completes alien base mission.)
      • [open] Get Orbital UFO Activity from Bomber?
    • [open] Adjust disassembly times, volume of antimatter/alien materials received, and antimatter fuel costs for advanced interceptors/dropships.
  • [open] Give all equipment proper weight values
  • [done] Check carrier implementation
    • [done] New orbit model for geoscape
  • [open] Add crashed ufo tiles
    • [open] Check on gunboat status
    • [open] Enough corrupter tiles?
  • [open] Reduce needler shot count to stop crashing
  • [open] New tech images for new armour models
  • [open] Check out Hovernet weapon. Try putting the ammo under the weapon, like Bloodspider/Stunrod.
    • [open] Make sure it can't be recovered/sold.
    • [open] Currently it is throwing an error in the ufoconsole.log because no price is set.
  • [open] Rework or replace the tex_base/fan texture. This one is used on the base map mainly to make the fan blades rotate using the material system (e.g. in b/ which is a nice idea, but at this texture the blades are not centered and thus the result is just horrible. --ShipIt 15:59, 13 October 2012 (SAST)
  • [done] Configure UFO spawning chances to average about 100 UFOs in 13 months.