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Maintenance / Modifications

  • Lots of textures to replace those without appropriate licenses
  • Texture work on new Stiletto File:New_Stiletto.jpg
  • Map errors

Work in Progress

Wish List / Proposals

Planned Projects

Personal 2.5 TODO list

  • [open] Campaign balancing
    • [open] Production/Market Balance forum: description
    • [done] Schedule appearance of aliens, weapons and UFOs
    • [open] Balance weapons and aliens; aircraft weapons and UFOs
      • [open] Check introduction of alien antimatter aircraft weapon
      • [open] Make sure each aircraft can compete and is worth buying when it is introduced
    • [open] Modify research tree paths
      • [open] Add missing ammos
      • [open] Modify research times
    • [open] Adjust disassembly times and volume of antimatter/alien materials received
  • [open] Weapon balancing final touches (see campaign, above)
    • [open] Update research texts
  • [WIP] Add hovernet_adv
    • [done] Add tech image for autopsy
    • [open] Tech write-up for autopsy
  • [WIP] Add bloodspider_adv
    • [open] Add tech image for autopsy
  • [open] Check carrier implementation
  • [open] Add crashed ufo tiles
    • [open] Check on gunboat status
    • [open] Enough corrupter tiles?
  • [open] Reduce needler shot count to stop crashing