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Static campaign

The static campaign is there to allow a fixed map selection that can be tweaked by the scripter. You have the opportunity to (almost) define the order of the appearance of the maps in the campaign.

So the static campaign is only about the map selection - the remaining stuff is the same as the other campaign. But the map selection has a big influence on the campaign progress.



  • city: City reference to define the position of the mission


A stage contains several sets that define a timeframe and a mission and ufo set that should appear.


  • delay V_DATE: year, day, hour
  • frame V_DATE: year, day, hour
  • expire V_DATE: year, day, hour
  • missions V_STRING: the mission set (mapdefs)
  • number V_INT:
  • quote V_INT: The amount of missions you have to fulfill to mark this set as done
  • needed V_STRING: Reference to another set
  • ufos V_INT: The amount of ufos to spawn in this set
  • nextstage V_STRING: The next stage that is going to become active once the current set is done
  • endstage V_STRING: Ends the given stage (can be the current, or any other)
  • commands V_STRING: Commands that are executed once the set is done