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This script file allows you to define default settings for message notifications on game startup. These settings are stored for every savegame, as it is intended that default settings may be changed during gameplay (e.g. you are no longer interested in some message categories).

Actually there is only one default msgoptions section, which contains lines in the following format. Every line describes a positiv (checked) option - all missing values are considered to be unchecked.

msgoptions default {
    <notify_type> <pause|notify|sound>
stop game time if event associated with notify_type occurs
create a notification message for notify_type event
play notification sound for message if available

See Template:Path and Template:Path for available notification types. MSO_CheckAddNewMessage should be used to add new messages. This method checks whether to add a message, play sound and whether to stop game time.

See this howto to include more notify types.