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* craft_ufo_scout,      craft_crash_scout,
* craft_ufo_scout,      craft_crash_scout,
* craft_ufo_fighter,    craft_crash_fighter,
* craft_ufo_fighter,    craft_crash_fighter,
* craft_ufo_gunboat,    craft_crash_gunboat
* craft_ufo_harvester,  craft_crash_harvester,
* craft_ufo_harvester,  craft_crash_harvester,
* craft_ufo_bomber,      craft_crash_bomber
* craft_ufo_bomber,      craft_crash_bomber
* craft_ufo_corrupter,  craft_crash_corrupter
* craft_ufo_corrupter,  craft_crash_corrupter
* craft_ufo_supply,      craft_crash_supply
* craft_ufo_supply,      craft_crash_supply
==Aircraft types for dropships==
==Aircraft types for dropships==

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This page describes the map definition format. Every map should have one to get included in the campaign and is selectable from the skirmish and multiplayer menu.

Terrain types

  • desert
  • arctic
  • cold
  • water
  • mountain
  • tropical
  • grass

Also see Terrain types

Culture types

  • eastern
  • western
  • oriental
  • african

Also see Culture types

Population types

  • urban
  • suburban
  • village
  • rural
  • nopopulation

Also see Population types


If you create a terrain, culture or population block and leave it empty, this means, that all the values match.


You can add special triggers for campaign related missions with:

  • onwin
  • onlose

Trigger commands

  • cp_add_researchable <tech-id>
"Add a tech as researchable"
  • cp_add_item <item-id>
"Add an item as collected"
  • cp_changehappiness <absolute-happiness-value>
"Function to raise or lower nation happiness."
  • cp_endgame
"This command will end the current campaign"

UFO types

  • craft_ufo_scout, craft_crash_scout,
  • craft_ufo_fighter, craft_crash_fighter,
  • craft_ufo_gunboat, craft_crash_gunboat
  • craft_ufo_harvester, craft_crash_harvester,
  • craft_ufo_bomber, craft_crash_bomber
  • craft_ufo_corrupter, craft_crash_corrupter
  • craft_ufo_supply, craft_crash_supply

Aircraft types for dropships

This is for skirmish only - in general your map should support every dropship if you want to get it included into the game (or it should not use any dropship)

  • craft_drop_firebird
  • craft_drop_herakles
  • craft_drop_raptor


This is the name that will be shown for the map in the single player skirmish mode menu.
This is the name of the .bsp file, e.g "example". If the map is an RMA it needs to be "+example".
Is used in the campaign to describe the location the mission takes place in. The underline is used to mark this as translatable.
This is the name of the assambly that will be loaded from the *.ump file.
The maximum number of aliens to spawn on the map. Note this is not necessarily the number of available spawnpoints. We can put a lot of spawnpoints in the map and limit the number of aliens by the maxaliens parameter, depending on the map size. Setting randomspawn will distribute them to the spawnpoints at random. This way we avoid spawning an army of aliens on a very small map, while still keeping diversity.
hurtaliens V_BOOL
If this is true, aliens will receive some damage when the map is loaded. (Used for crashed UFOs)
singleplayer V_BOOL
Whether or not to use this map in single player games (like skirmish). Default: true
multiplayer V_BOOL
Whether or not to use this map in multiplayer games. Default: false
campaign V_BOOL
Whether or not to use this map in the campaign. Default: true


mapdef oilpipes_small
	map		"+industrial"
	param		"small"
	description	"_Industrial theme."
	size		"small"
	teams		4
	multiplayer	false
	maxaliens	6
	hurtaliens	false



               // empty or missing block means "all"