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name of campaign

example: "_Standard Campaign"

example: "_txt_standard_campaign"

campaign description

example: human

which team?

how many soldiers in this campaign?

example: 12

what is the difficulty of this campaign? 0 is standard, the greater the harder.

example: 0

  • minhappiness V_FLOAT

if more than half the nations have a happiness below this value, game will be lost.

example: 0.30

  • maxdebts V_INT

the maximum money you can borrow before loosing game.

example: 20000

  • xvirate V_INT

maximum average XVI rate of nations before the game is lost.

example: 70

  • researched V_STRING

list of researched topic when the game starts.

example: rslist_human

  • ugvs V_INT

number of UVGs you start the game with.

example: 2

which equipment to use

example: campaign_player

which market definition to use. This is an equipment definition, too

example: campaign_market

how much credits at start

example: 500000

which map to use for geoscape? The maps are in base/pics/menu. There need to be three different maps, a version for day, night and a mask for base building. Have a look at the existing ones for more information.

example: map_earth

is this campaign visible in campaign list

example: true

starting date

example: "2000 0 7"

  • researchrate V_FLOAT

The number of research hours a single scientist produces for each hour of game time. Raising this number makes research go faster.

example: "0.8"

  • uforeductionrate V_FLOAT

This number is used in the equation that determines how many UFOs are spawned in a given cycle. Must be between 0.0 and 1.0. Higher numbers will result in fewer UFOs spawning.

example: "0.65"

Salary definitions

You can define the salary values for each campaign. Valid identifiers are:


salary {
	soldier_base 3200


campaign main
	name		"_Standard Campaign"
	text		"_txt_standard_campaign"
	team		human
	soldiers	9
	scientists	6
	workers		14
	medics		2
	difficulty	0
	minhappiness	0.30
	maxdebts	200000
	xvirate		70
	salary {
		soldier_rankbonus 500;

	researched rslist_human
	ugvs	2
	equipment	campaign_player
	market		campaign_market
	credits		1350000
	map		    map_earth
	visible		true
	date		"2084 79 6"