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The name of the facility
image (V_STRING)
The picture for this facility, as seen on the base screen, relative to Template:Path
fixcosts (V_INT)
The construction cost for this facility
depends (V_STRING)
Facilities need the things listed here to function.
type (V_STRING)
The type this facility belongs to. Used for upgrades.
hangar, lab, hospital, quarters, workshop
build_time (V_INT)
The time (in days) this facility takes to construct
varcosts (V_INT)
The monthely maintenance cost for this facility
map_name (V_STRING)
The name of the map tile for this facility (in Template:Path)
pedia (V_STRING)
The tech ID that has the UFOpaedia entry for this facility
needs (V_STRING)
Additional sections of this facility. Used for facilities larger than 1 tile
capacity (V_INT)
The capacity of this facility. The meaning of the value depends on the building type.
onconstruct (V_STRING)
The name of the script to be run when this facility is built up. Don't add a ; at the end.
ondestroy (V_STRING)
The name of the script to be run when this facility is destroyed. Don't add a ; at the end.
visible (V_BOOL)
Sets whether this facility is visible on the base screen. Set the first part of a building to 1 all others to 0 otherwise all building-parts will be on the list
max_count (V_INT)
No base may have more than this amount of this facility
starting_employees (V_INT)
The amount of employees that come with this building
level (V_FLOAT)
building level
mandatory (V_BOOL)
Automatically construct this building when a base is set up.


building building_hangar
	name				"_Large Hangar"
	image				base/drop2
	fixcosts			68000
	depends				building_powerplant
	build_time			8
	varcosts			5500
	map_name			"drop"
	pedia				rs_building_large_hangar
	type				hangar
	needs				building_hangar2
	ondestroy			"building_ondestroy"
	starting_employees	8 //Number of soldiers in dropship when first base is built
	capacity			1

building building_hangar2
	name		"_Large Hangar"
	image		base/drop1
	pedia		rs_building_large_hangar
	visible		false // no 'needs' field here!

Base Templates

basetemplate templateName

building_name (V_POS)
Pair: id of building - position in basescreen.
basetemplate balanced {
	building_entrance		"2 4"
	building_quarters		"4 3"
	building_quarters		"3 3"
	building_aliencontainment	"0 1"
	building_storage		"3 4"
	building_powerplant		"4 4"
	building_command		"4 2"
	building_hangar			"0 3"
	building_intercept		"1 3"
	building_workshop		"4 0"
	building_radar			"1 4"
	building_lab			"3 1"
	building_hospital		"3 2"