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Blueprints -- Alien Containment Facility


PHALANX Extraterrestrial Response Unit

Research Document, Sigma Clearance -- Commander's Eyes Only

Filed: 16 February 1958

By: Maj. Marcel LeClerc, Base Commander, PHALANX, Pacific Operations Command


The first priority of the Extraterrestrial Response Unit is to prepare for a time when it may be needed. The PHALANX Containment Facility is an important part of any invasion response plan. It contains atmospheric habitation chambers, interrogation machinery, nutrition distribution units, and all the other apparatus required to sustain any extraterrestrial life that we could comprehend.

Firstly, the airtight habitation chambers provide a place to store and keep extraterrestrials (EXT) for a significant period of time. Their atmosphere generators are capable of pumping any individual chamber full of any desired mix of gases. This can provide an EXT with breathable air for at least several weeks, well beyond the expected lifespan for a specimen in our research programs. Trace elements that do not occur naturally on Earth may be difficult to come by, but the likelihood of this becoming an impediment to our research is infinitessimal. In a worst-case scenario, the atmosphere generators are designed to allow links to recovered life support equipment.

Secondly, waldo-operated medical and interrogation apparatus is present in each habitation chamber, able to apply sedation, medication or other chemical injections via a pneumatic dart launcher, or to administer electroshocks for interrogation purposes. There is also a so-called "panic button" installed on each chamber individually and in the control room for every block of chambers. The panic button can immediately incinerate the contents of its chamber during an emergency.

The chambers and corridors of the Containment Facility are specially designed to allow EXTs of any shape and size to be transported and held. The facility also has a fully-equipped cryo-morgue to store corpses and samples for later review.

Recommended Doctrine

In the case of an invasion, the Containment Unit should be used to its full extent, storing both live and dead EXTs for research and allowing us to examine them in their living state. There is no greater priority than the discovery of the thought processes of the extraterrestrial mind, to learn their motivations and perhaps find a compromise, an opportunity for communication, or a suitable counterstrategy to neutralise the enemy once and for all.

If a PHALANX base were to be attacked, immediate consideration should be given to hit the panic button on the entire Containment Facility. Unless there are irreplaceable specimens in storage, we cannot risk the attacking EXTs freeing their captured comrades. Immediate and complete sedation is another, more risky strategy -- however, I stress that we will not win a war with half measures.


To whatever future Commanders might be reviewing this file: Keep in mind that the machinery in the Containment Facility, like a fair portion of PHALANX equipment, has yet to undergo its true acid test against an extraterrestrial force. Upgrades or adjustments may be required for it to perform up to its design spec.