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I am trying to do as stated to compile the code

I am running into various problems resp. inconsistencies:

  • @External Dependencies: There is no folder "include\mfc" in my DirectX SDK installation (after fresh installation). Nonetheless, the description tells me to include it.
  • @External Dependencies: There is a file referenced in the sentence "I put up some precompiled libs and prestructured zip file here...". This file could not be downloaded (probably non-existant).
  • @Compile and run: There is no "ufo.sln" file in the trunk folders. Instead, I assume ufo.dsw is meant (which is a VC++ project file)?
  • @Compite and run: When opening ufo.dsw with Visual Studio Express (exactly the VS Express referenced in the descriptions), the file has to be converted into the actual file format. This is not mentioned in the description.
  • @Compile and run: There are 9 projects in the ufo.dsw. When compiling, only one of them successfully compiles. Most errors refer to "Unable to Link" (probably, not all libraries are included properly, e.g. libc.lib), or to missing files (e.g. src/client/snd.mem.c).

--Tecturon 15:05, 17 August 2007 (CEST)