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This version is mainly point of discuss but we need some points to start it.

Misc decisions from developers

  • Marketsystem (should work like transfers) (geever | [open])
  • finish UFO-Yard support (geever | [open])
    • selling already stored UFOs: Need to rework UFO selling to avoid cheating
  • Destroyable bases: PHALANX bases should be destroyable (geever | [open])
    • refactoring structures needed, I have some progress on it in a local branch
  • implement Pilot skills (finish patches from Malick, @see patch#3194189) (geever | [open])
  • 9 soldiers support (Duke | [WIP])
    • overcome the assert on assignment (geever | [done])
    • update equipment UI to support more than 8 soldiers (geever | [done])
    • create a HUD for 8++ soldiers (MCR | [done])
      • AltHUD and MiniHUD already support up to 12 soldiers (MCR | [done])
      • [done] DefaultHUD
    • overcome the hardcoded limit in the skirmish menu (Duke | [WIP])
    • add human spawnpoints to some of the dropship tiles (ShipIt | [done])
  • UGV support (accumulator | [open])
  • UFO-Gunboat: We have tech- and ufopaedia- entries for this UFO. Also we have draft model of the craft.
    • Prefab-model (Kildor | [done])
    • geoscape model (Lord Drake | [WIP])
    • Crashed prefab (Kildor | [done])
    • Tune scripts (Kildor | [WIP])
    • incorporate to the existing RMAs (Status)
  • Incorporate Alien Launcher & Antimatter missile to campaign (Kildor | [WIP])
    • [done] Alien Launcher model
    • [done] Alien Launcher writeup
    • [done] Antimatter Rocket model
    • [done] Antimatter Rocket geoscape model
    • [done] Antimatter Rocket writeup
    • [done] Hybrid Launcher model
    • [open] Hybrid Rocket model
    • [open] Hybrid Rocket geoscape model
    • [open] Hybrid Rocket writeup
    • [open] scripts
  • [open] Decision: currently base storage sizes for craft items and soldier items are not much different. Do we want to change this? If so, we need to take a look at how it will effect campaign storage limits and make sure we re-balance appropriately.
  • [open] Add equipment scores for all equipment to be used in autoresolve
  • [open] Make shooting down a Carrier UFO the end of the game
    • [open] Complete tech tree
    • [open] Develop a mechanism in the geoscape for firing at the Carrier when research completed (automatically placed installation?), or just automatically fire at the Carrier.
    • [open] Tech image
    • [open] Crashed Carrier icon for geoscape

Things to think on

  • Campaign: we ought to move our campaign forward. What do we need to do for this?
    • Research topics and research entries?
    • New maps?
    • New missions and missions type?
    • XVI?
    • New UFO`s?
  • Lua-based AI: It is broken currently and there is no active maintainer. We should decide, kill it or bring back to live?
    • It's not broken, it's simply not implemented--Duke 23:29, 5 April 2012 (SAST)
  • Whole efficiency and perfomance of the game.
  • Current work in the branches (like renderer branch). Is they still alive? Is they still able to compiled?
  • Should we begin working towards a visibility sytem? See the roadmap.


We should improve the overall multiplayer experience in the hopes of growing at least a small multiplayer community. A good multiplayer game could increase development participation (at least for maps). Here are some steps that I (H-Hour) think could help:

  • Better organization and selection of maps to allow players to find MP-appropriate maps more easily.
    • Improve mapcycle.txt as a temporary fix
    • Changes to maps.ufo definitions to allow categorization by recommended game types, map construction (static/dynamic), size, etc.
    • UI that supports selecting a theme and then the different available parameters (see changes to map.ufo definitions above). It should also allow the player to view only maps for the parameters they select (size, gametypes, fixed or random assembly, etc).
  • Maps designed for properly balanced multiplayer games. These are typically static maps, but we could also create fixed assemblies designed exclusively for multiplayer.
  • Support for new game types (domination, alien rush, king of the hill implemented).
    • see #3392127
    • Game types will also need UI improvements to be done well: score counters, turn numbers, etc.
  • Changes to weapon selection
    • Clean up the equipment set selection process as described here proposed here. Ideally, it would be nice if a host could create and save custom equipment sets that could be used when hosting.
    • A nice addition, but maybe for post-2.5: allow a host to set a credits-limit in addition to the equipment set. Each item would cost the player credits and he would be forced to limit his selection. This would allow a host to (for instance) allow any type of weapon but prevent the player from equipping only the best items (because he can't afford it).
  • Small changes:
    • Rotate turn order from one map to another so the same player's do not always start first
    • Implement a bar that shows the time remaining in a turn and decreases each second.
    • Make some MP-specific information available on UI:
      • How many soldiers of each team are left alive
    • Message log of events in battlescape (not just multiplayer)


  • Weapon balancing (H-Hour | [WIP])
  • Nation happiness: some complaints that nations go unhappy too quickly in early game. Test and, if verified, improve.
  • Consider switching order in which shevaar and ortnoks appear in campaign
  • Work out a way to scale the number of aliens based on the size of the map
  • [WIP] Campaign balancing, including new aliens, research items, alien teams, equipment, weapons research times, disassembly times, alien materials.



  • [WIP] Alienbase theme (H-Hour | [WIP])
  • [WIP] +hills (The assembly needs more tiles and remaining ufos) (Kildor | [WIP])
  • early-[WIP] +railroad (Kildor | [WIP])
  • +harbour2 (it needs to be finished and polished before including to the campaign) (ShipIt | [done])