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Most of the data for this is available at the following URL, which I can't link directly because of the anti-spam filters. Reconstruct it:

docs [dot] google [dot] com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AoMT-GwBufRGdDMwanlOeVBPYmVIMXZPSGN6MldORUE#gid=3

Speed Growth Mechanisms

I'm not really a fan of how speed is improved. It encourages tedious maxing out movement wherever possible, even using the last 4 or 6 TU of each soldier. Maybe that's fine and not a big deal, but I wonder if we should consider some alternatives. Here are two: --H-hour 00:02, 19 March 2013 (SAST)

  • Large Movements: Give a soldier bonus points for moving with more than 75% of his TU in a turn. We could also give a lot of bonus for using 75% of his TU and getting a kill in the same turn. This would not eliminate the tedious maxing, but would at least eliminate all the using up of any tiny excess TU. This may be more difficult to track and code, though, and would be less reliable for balancing stat gain.
  • Cumulative Growth: Like HP, we could just make this one a function of all the total XP accumulated elsewhere.

Useful Graphs