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Maybe human psionics should also be able to reinforce their teammates (those using psi implants instead of headwear) suffering from lashout? This could be named mind-shield ;) .

Addendum to proposal: The lore describes the Psionic link being weakened by there being fewer aliens, and strengthened by greater number of aliens in an area. A proposal to have this mechanic in game.

Essentially, part of the probability calculation for the success of psionic attacks would be based on the current number of aliens on the battle field. Lower success with a greater number of aliens, and higher for vice versa. Potentially a dramatic increase in successful psionic attacks once the number of aliens on the map has reached 1-2. The main purpose of this proposed mechanic would allow for a method for inexperienced psionic humans to gain experience, even later in the game when alien psionics have strengthened.