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The following outlines all of our implemented or planned game content -- story elements, weapons, aircraft, buildings, UFOs, storyline maps, etc. It also lists planned game features, such as a visibility system, improved AI, etc.

Tech Tree

Techtree timeline.png A simplied overview of the proposed timeline and research tree in 2.5.


  • [done] Entrance
  • [done] Alien Containment
  • [done] Storage
  • [done] Power Plant
  • [done] Command Center
  • [done] Living Quarters
  • [done] Small Hangar
  • [done] Large Hangar
  • [done] Workshop
  • [done] Radar
  • [done] Advanced Radar
  • [done] Laboratory
  • [done] Hospital
  • [done] Antimatter Storage
  • [open] Advanced Laboratory
    • [open] Map
    • [open] Complete tech tree
    • [open] Tech write-up
  • [open] Advanced Workshop
    • [open] Map
    • [open] Complete tech tree
    • [open] Tech write-up


  • [done] Missile Battery
  • [done] Laser Battery
  • [open] Particle Beam Battery


  • [done] Radar Tower
  • [WIP] UFO Yard (see Features > Geoscape section below)
  • [done] SAM Site
  • [open] FTL Drive storage site (Should this be installation or base facility or what?)

Soldier Equipment & Weaponry


  • [done] Medikit
  • [done] IR Goggles
  • [done] Flashbang
  • [done] Grenades
    • [done] Flashbang
    • [done] Smoke Grenade
    • [done] Incendiary Grenade
    • [done] Alien Stun Gas Grenade
    • [done] Frag Grenade
    • [done] Plasma Grenade
  • [done] Stunrod


  • [done] Combat Armour
  • [open] Advanced Combat Armour
    • [open] Model
    • [open] Complete tech tree
    • [open] Tech write-up
    • [open] Tech model/image
  • [done] Nanocomposite Armour
  • [done] Power Armour


  • [done] Knife
  • [done] Monomolecular Knife
  • [done] Kerrblade
  • [done] Plasma Blade

Guns & Ammo

  • [done] Pistol
    • [done] Ammo
  • [done] Submachine Gun
    • [done] Ammo
  • [done] Micro Shotgun
    • [done] Flechette Shells
  • [done] Riot Shotgun
    • [done] Flechette Shells
    • [done] Saboted Slugs
  • [done] Flamer
    • [done] Ammo
  • [done] Assault Rifle
    • [done] Ammo
    • [done] Encased Plasma Round
  • [done] Machine Gun
    • [done] Ammo
    • [done] Encased Plasma Round
  • [done] RPG
    • [done] High Explosive Rocket
    • [done] Incendiary Rocket
    • [done] Hybrid Rocket
  • [done] Grenade Launcher
    • [done] High Explosive Grenade
    • [done] Flechette Canister
    • [done] Plasma Grenade
  • [done] Sniper Rifle
    • [done] Ammo
    • [done] Encased Plasma Round
  • [done] Electromagnetic Rifle (Bolter)
    • [done] Ammo
    • [done] Antimatter Ammo
  • [done] Coilgun
    • [done] Ammo
  • [done] Laser Asmmo
    • [done] Laser Pistol
    • [done] Laser Rifle
    • [done] Heavy Laser
    • [done] Electrolaser
  • [done] Plasma
    • [done] Plasma Pistol
      • [done] Ammo
    • [done] Plasma Rifle
      • [done] Ammo
    • [done] Plasma Blaster
      • [done] Ammo
  • [done] Needlers Ammo
    • [done] Needler
    • [done] Heavy Needler
  • [done] Particle Beam Weapons
    • [done] Tech image
    • [done] Particle Beam Pistol
      • [done] Ammo
    • [done] Particle Beam Rifle
      • [done] Ammo
    • [done] Particle Beam Cannon
      • [done] Ammo


Psionic Devices

  • [open] Alien Psionic Device
    • [done] Model for wormhole device (see alien bestiary)
      • [done] Integrate into alienbase map
    • [done] Script entries for item
    • [done] Research texts.
    • [open] Make it researchable after winning an alienb mission. Current setup with onwin parameter not working.
    • [open] Script entries for mapdef (cp_add_item)


  • [open] Code support
  • [open] UI support
  • [open] Ares UGV
    • [done] Prototype Model (/base/soldiers/ugv_ares)
      • [unknown] Animation?
    • [open] Complete tech tree
    • [done] Tech write-up
  • [open] Phoenix UGV (/base/soldiers/ugv_phoenix)
    • [done] Prototype Model
      • [unknown] Animation?
    • [open] UGV Concept
    • [open] Complete tech tree
    • [open] Tech write-up
  • [WIP] 1x1 Scout UGV
  • [open] Other models exist in our repo for UGVs
    • [open] /base/soldiers/ugv_heli
    • [open] /base/soldiers/ugv_robot
    • [open] /base/soldiers/ugv_wheel
  • [open] Equipping the UGV:

PHALANX Aircraft & Weaponry




  • Special UFOs
    • [open] UFO/Carrier
      • [open] Map for crashed Carrier
      • [WIP] Geoscape mechanism for launching rockets to destroy Carrier
        • [done] New installation type
        • [open] New installation type model
        • [open] Installation tech entry for ufopaedia?
      • [done] Model
      • [open] Complete tech tree
      • [open] Tech write-up
    • [open] UFO/Alien Mothership


Please see the alien bestiary for fuller design specs.

  • [done] Taman
  • [done] Bloodspider
  • [done] Ortnok
  • [done] Shevaar
  • [done] Hovernet
  • [done] Combat Bloodspider
  • [done] Combat Hovernet
  • [open] Breeder
    • [open] Animated Model
    • [open] Add to alien and alienteam scripts
    • [open] Tech write-ups for autopsy
    • [open] Tech image for autopsy
  • [open] Alien Tank
  • [open] Psi-Amplifier
    • [open] Animated Model
    • [open] Add to alien and alienteam scripts
    • [open] Tech write-ups for autopsy
    • [open] Tech image for autopsy


Beware: spoilers below.


  • [done] After the War
  • [done] PHALANX and Mumbai
  • [done] Political Situation Before the War

Story Content



The following lists large planned features. It is not a comprehensive TODO list.



  • [open] Add a shopping cart to market system
  • [WIP] Make PHALANX bases destroyable
  • [WIP] Combat Autoresolve
    • [open] Add equipment scores for all equipment
  • [open] Larger Bases
  • [WIP] Off-base UFO Yards
    • [open] Add the ability to sell UFOs from yards
  • [done] Pilot stats
  • [open] New mechanism to select alien teams
  • [open] Advanced UFO Interceptions
  • [open] Mission Briefings
    • [done] Mission briefing window
    • [open] Special mission briefings for different mission types
    • [open] Special mission briefings for different map types
  • [open] Advanced Base Facilities
  • [open] Escort UFOs
  • [open] Armor-piercing weaponry for aircraft
  • [open] Aircraft weaponry that is more or less susceptible to ECM
  • [open] Air combat interface to control pilot's distance from UFO and view combat details in action.