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(Experimental ToDo List)
(Experimental ToDo List)
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| redo
| redo
| 2Dartist, UIscripter
| 2Dartist, UIscripter
| {{wip}}
| {{done}}
| Internecivus
| style
| style

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Version 2.6 will be all about the new user interface (UI2). mattn's decision.

User Interface

Also see TODO/UI2

  • [open] re-establish playability including all 2.5 features
  • [open] adopt existing menues to UI2 style
  • [open] technically improve the UI2 scripting
  • [open] refactor/redesign some menues for usability reasons
  • [open] decide about changes to the UI2 style

Experimental ToDo List

This table is sortable (click on the column headers). If you shift-click on those headers, the table will preserve the sorting rules of previous clicks and shift-clicks. Example: click on 'Status', then shift-click 'Nick'.

Type UI area Menugroup ToDo Skill Status Nick
playability geoscape all not affected by UI2 merge --- [done] ---
playability bases alien container only half done UIscripter [done] Duke
playability battlescape HUD check for UI2 bugs and missing 2.5 features tester [open]
style entry campaign --- --- [done]
style entry skirmish --- UIscripter [WIP]
style entry multiplayer --- UIscripter [open]
style entry options --- --- [done]
style entry tutorials --- UIscripter [open]
style entry developers --- UIscripter [open]
style geoscape ufopedia create and add new exit button 2Dartist, UIscripter [done] cooler_sk, Internecivus
style geoscape docklet pause and 5min icons 'jump' on click UIscripter [open]
style geoscape docklet replace the 5 blue icons 2Dartist, UIscripter [open] cooler_sk, Internecivus
style geoscape message options replace the 3 blue icons 2Dartist, UIscripter [open] cooler_sk, Internecivus
style geoscape email client redo 2Dartist, UIscripter [done] Internecivus
style geoscape statistics redo UIscripter [open]
style geoscape global intallations bug 5242 UIscripter [WIP]
style bases all --- --- [WIP] ---
style bases base menu itself --- --- [done] ---
style bases aircraft --- --- [WIP] Duke
style bases equipment --- --- [WIP] Duke
style bases equipment ufopedia icon UIscripter [done]
style bases equipment remove floor grid from paperdoll 2Dartist, UIscripter [open]
style bases equipment replace text in upper right tabs with icons 2Dartist, UIscripter [WIP]
style bases market --- --- [WIP] ---
style bases market ufopedia icon UIscripter [done]
style bases market market transactions not implemented yet coder [open]
style bases research all --- [WIP] ---
style bases research start/max icons 2Dartist, UIscripter [done]
style bases research separate research in other bases to lowerBody panel UIscripter [open] Duke
style bases research missing artifacts UIscripter [open]
style bases production rewrite similar to market UIscripter [WIP] Duke
style bases alien container extract from base menu ? UIscripter [WIP]
style bases hire --- --- [WIP] ---
style bases hire tab icons 2Dartist, UIscripter [done]
style bases hire namelist(rewrite) and scrollbar coder, UIscripter [open]
style bases hospital waiting for implants design [WIP]
style bases statistics waiting for design decision to completely drop it --- [open]
style bases transfer --- --- [WIP] Duke
style bases transfer tab icons (heads) 2Dartist, UIscripter [open]
style bases transfer spinner buttons UIscripter [done] Internecivus
style bases ufopedia --- --- [WIP] Duke
style bases ufopedia exit 'X' icon 2Dartist, UIscripter [done]
style bases options --- --- [done]
style battlefield HUD --- --- [done] ---
technically bases facilities error: can't delete static node UIscripter [open]
design bases hospital concept for implants designer [open]
design bases statistics shouldn't we completely drop it ? Every data is already integrated into the bases menu --- [open]
decision all all do we really want the 'fuzzy overlay', especially over carefully designed images ? designer [open]