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I have taken the whole TODO list and put it in the talk page. Please move items that you expect to make it into 2.5 back to this page and update them to reflect their current status. --H-hour 19:52, 23 July 2012 (SAST)


  • [done] UFO - Gunboat
  • [done] Alien - Hovernet/Combat Hovernet
  • [done] Alien - Combat Bloodspider
  • [open] Geoscape model for the orbital rocket launcher
  • [open] Geoscape image for the orbital rocket launcher
  • [open] New images for new armour models
  • [open] Hybrid Missile model
  • [open] Model for Alien EW Suite
  • [open] Model for Antimatter Bolter Ammo
  • [open] Model for late-game aircraft armour upgrade


  • [open] Add cameras to phalanx base map.


  • [done] Make the game end in victory when player shoots down Carrier.

Game Features

  • [done] Pilot skills
  • [WIP] Support for 8+ soldiers (status?)
    • [open] Skirmish and Multiplayer team menus
  • [WIP] Campaign balancing (keeping track on my wiki page) --H-hour 19:52, 23 July 2012 (SAST)
  • [done] Abort a mission if no alien was seen for X rounds

Graphics Features

Core Code

  • [WIP] convert campaign into cgame (use the import function pointers)
    • [open] use the cgame api and fix the unresolved symbols


  • [done] some msgids are being cut at parse time (exceed the size of com_token) see bug #3353