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I have taken the whole TODO list and put it in the [[Talk:TODO/2.5|talk page]]. Please move items that you expect to make it into 2.5 back to this page and update them to reflect their current status. --[[User:H-hour|H-hour]] 19:52, 23 July 2012 (SAST)
== Maps ==
== Maps ==

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  • [open] During game balancing the number of aliens was raised for some UFO types. We need to check the mapdefs to fit those numbers. Else, this will possibly cause a regression in the map diversity. And if we raise the maxaliens parameter in the mapdef, we need to make sure there are enough spawnpoints on the map.


  • [open] fr#4126 Add campaignlog to savegames
  • [WIP] Implement save game sharing via WebAPI