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I have taken the whole TODO list and put it in the [[Talk:TODO/2.5|talk page]]. Please move items that you expect to make it into 2.5 back to this page and update them to reflect their current status. --[[User:H-hour|H-hour]] 19:52, 23 July 2012 (SAST)
== Artwork/Content ==
* {{done}} UFO - Gunboat
* {{done}} Alien - Hovernet/Combat Hovernet
* {{done}} Alien - Combat Bloodspider
* {{done}} Geoscape model for the orbital rocket launcher
* {{done}} Geoscape image for the orbital rocket launcher
* {{done}} New images for new armour models
* {{done}} Hybrid Missile model
* {{done}} Hybrid Rocket model
* {{done}} Model for [[Aircraft_Equipment/Electronics/Alien_EW_Suite|Alien EW Suite]]
* {{done}} Model for [[Proposals/Antimatter_Bolter_Ammo|Antimatter Bolter Ammo]]
* {{done}} Model for late-game aircraft armour upgrade
* {{done}} Fix smoke particle bug {{http|sourceforge.net/p/ufoai/bugs/2764/|#2764}} as well as the {{http|ufoai.org/forum/index.php/topic,6755.msg56217.html#msg56217|performance issue}} which apparently {{http|ufoai.org/forum/index.php/topic,7379.0.html|effects pretty good machines too}}.
== Maps ==
* {{wip}} Add [[Mapping/Entities/misc_camera|cameras]] to phalanx base map.
**{{open}} The problem with placing the camera model needs to be solved. Right now this always shows up in the middle of the actorbox. It should be possible to at least adjust the height properly.
**{{open}} bug {{bug|3412}} needs to be fixed
* {{open}} During game balancing the number of aliens was raised for some UFO types. We need to check the mapdefs to fit those numbers. Else, this will possibly cause a regression in the map diversity. And if we raise the maxaliens parameter in the mapdef, we need to make sure there are enough spawnpoints on the map.
== Campaign ==
== Campaign ==
* {{done}} Make the game end in victory when player shoots down Carrier.
* {{open}} fr{{fr|4126}} Add campaignlog to savegames
* {{open}} To balance Tamans with the new weight system, we have duplicate Taman entries with different strengths that appear at different stages of the campaign. This leads to unnecessary script duplication and causes multiple Tamans to appear in the alien containment window. As soon as possible, a better solution should be found to allow aliens to handle the different weights at different stages of the campaign.
* Remove intro
* {{open}} fr{{fr|642}} Add campaignlog to savegames
* {{open}} fr{{fr|643}} Create a savegame on campaign end
* {{open}} bug {{bug|3485}} Base summary may show more Tamans
== Game Features ==
* {{done}} Pilot skills
* {{done}} Support for 8+ soldiers
* {{wip}} Campaign balancing (keeping track on my wiki page) --[[User:H-hour|H-hour]] 19:52, 23 July 2012 (SAST)
** {{open}} balance new plasma ammo prices
* {{done}} Abort a mission if no alien was seen for X rounds
== Graphics Features ==
== Core Code ==
* {{wip}} convert campaign into cgame (use the import function pointers)
** {{open}} use the cgame api and fix the unresolved symbols
== Bugs ==
* {{done}} some msgids are being cut at parse time (exceed the size of com_token) see bug {{bug|3353}}

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  • [open] fr#4126 Add campaignlog to savegames
  • Remove intro